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Flash #247

Flash #247

Robot 6 columns inspired by Harper’s Index: 1

Years that Wally West has been The Flash: 22

Years since Barry Allen “died“: 24

Sean Odle’s age when Mike Sterling‘s longtime customer was killed at his convenience store job on December 26: 30

Trinity annotations that Tom did while we were gone: 52

Comics that Top Cow will give away on a monthly basis in 2009 as part of its Let Us Win YOU Over promo: 5,000

Elvis appearances in Secret Invasion #8: 1

The Spirit‘s First Three Days in Ticket Sales: $6.5 million

Sin City‘s First Three Days in Ticket Sales: $29.1 million

2006-2008 funds raised for charity through Wonder Woman Day: $69,000

Interviews done in three years about the event by the comics press: 1

Freelancers attempting to contact Marvel’s accounting department through Tom Brevoort’s blog comments section: 1

Entertainment cost per minute (ECPMs) with a $3.99 comic: 27 cents

Percentage of Sean Kleefeld’s comics collection that Marvel published: 62

Estimated sold issues of Batman: Cacophony #1: 69,522

Years since Daredevil/Bullseye: The Target #2 was “getting back on track“: 3

Years since Daredevil/Bullseye: The Target #1 was released:  6

Scott Christian Sava’s personal investment in Dreamland Chronicles: $150,000

Days since Lance Hoffman saved himself and Carla by driving them to a fire station despite his injuries:  52 (and counting!)

Percentage difference of Top 300 comics unit sales for November 2008 vs. November 1998:  -11

Shits uttered by Abhay Khosla in his Tom Spurgeon/Comics Reporter Holiday Interview: 9

Percentage of comics covered by Khosla that Bill Randall declared he did not know: 90

Days that I’ve gone without a Dirk Deppey Journalista fix: 25

DC books of 2008 that Timothy Callahan thought were better than Booster Gold: 17



Please, please make this a regular feature.

Ronn Kettlehake

January 4, 2009 at 5:41 pm

I agree with Chip! It’s great to “see” you guys back on-line! Newsarama is not the same without you, it’s ok, but I just went thru a weeks worth of recent feeds in about a half hour! This rarely happened when you guys were there! Special thanks to Joe Palmer from GLA for letting us know where to find you guys again! WOO-HOO!

Chip and Ronn, thanks for the support–both of this post and the blog as a whole.

My role at Robot 6 will mainly be the Talking Comics with Tim email interviews, but if there’s enough positive feedback for 6’s Index, I would be open to doing it on a monthly basis.

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