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Who Is Allah?

Who Is Allah?

Legal | Ong Kian Cheong and his wife Dorothy Chan Hien Leng are on trial in Singapore for allegedly distributing anti-Muslim tracts by Jack Chick.

Prosecutors charge that the comics, The Little Bride and Who Is Allah?, violate Singapore’s Sedition Act and Undesirable Publications Act. [The Straits Times]

Conventions | The 36th annual Angoulême International Comics Festival kicks off tomorrow in Angoulême, France. [The Connexion]

Retailers | Retailer L.E. Becker isn’t happy that Borders Books is carrying the third printing of Amazing Spider-Man #583’s Obama variant cover. []

Publishing | Jeff Parker, writer of Mysterious the Unfathomable at DC’s Wildstorm imprint, asks, “Why not Wildstorm?” [Parkerspace]

Publishing | Sometimes corporate micro-blogging goes a little wrong. [Kevin Church]

Humor | “Obama Disappointed Cabinet Failed To Understand His Reference To Savage Sword Of Conan #24″ [The Onion]

Humor | “Study: Comic Book Superheroines ‘Improbably Busty’.” [CAP News]



Retailer L.E. Becker comes across as quite a whiner in his little diatribe.

Jack Chick loves to hate.

I’m torn between:
a) Chick tracts are hate-filled little wads of compressed crazy, and I guess we sometimes forget how nasty and mean-spirited they are in their craziness when we check them out for ironic yucks.
b) Singapore has some flat-out batshit wacko laws, touching on areas of life that it would seem to me should have no relation to the legal system.

[…] | The trial continues in Singapore for a married couple accused of distributing anti-Muslim tracts from cartoonist Jack Chick. According to the latest testimony, […]

[…] | A Singapore couple has been sentenced to eight weeks in jail for distributing anti-Muslim comics created by Jack Chick. Ong Kian Cheong, 50, and Dorothy Chan, 46, were found guilty of sedition for […]

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