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Harkham cancels Crickets



OK, this is officially getting depressing now. Hot on the heels of Kevin Huizenga’s announcement that he is pulling the plug on his D&Q pamplet series Or Else, cartoonist and Kramer’s Ergot editor Sammy Harkham says on his blog that he is canceling his D&Q-published pamphlet series, Crickets after only two issues. Unlike Huizenga, he minces no words abou the reason why:

Wanted to just let those favorite few of you out there to know that my comic book, Crickets, has been cancelled due to changes made by the major comics distributor that effectively made it impossible to continue in the comic book format. Crickets #3 will come out in some DYI form in the next couple months…after that, I dont know exactly. While I am really bummed about this, as I feel I never even really got started on it, I appreciate all the people who supported it when it was coming out. Thanks. To the future.

Man, I really liked that comic too. Should we start some kind of Drowning Pool and take bets as to what series is next on the chopping block?

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I don’t think it’s as bad as you might think. Here are my thoughts on the situation.

I keep bracing myself for the news that BERLIN is next and the final volume will go straight to graphic novel.

We should both live that long, Greg!

“…will come out in some DYI form…”

“Do Yourself It”?

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