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Richard Starkings deserves your love and admiration

If you’re reading this blog, you know probably know who Rich Starkings and John Roshell are. If you’ve been to the San Diego con any time in the last ten years or so, odds are you’ve shaken their hands. If you’ve talked to them about their early days as the pioneers of comic book lettering, congratulated them on the triumph that is Elephantmen, or complimented them on the graceful letterforms they offer up for connoisseurs, I’m guessing you may have even lifted a pint or two with them at the top of the Hyatt.

And if you’re reading this blog, you probably know I’m not shy about getting the word out about the good comics. I’m a little insistent about it, even. It’s a damn lie our son’s middle name was going to be STAR062407, though.

It was always going to be “Douglas.”

But I love shining the light on people who do quality work with a passion, and I’m not shilling. I’m doing a damn public service letting you know that if you’re working on your own comics, there’s not a better gift you can give yourself, here, at the beginning of 2009, than to sign up for Comicraft’s output this year.

Click the link, and send ‘em your money before January 14th, and all year long, you’ll get a Comicraft font in your mailbox as soon as JG is done crafting it up. Twelve all-new fonts for $129.00. What is that? Seventeen, eighteen bucks a font? Display fonts, lettering fonts, character voices, special effects, the works. You’re going to spend more than that on take-out in the next six weeks. Might as well save your waistline and make your comics look a little more good-looking at the same time.



Amen to the title of this post. I got to work with Rich and JG very closely over at Comic World News and they’re the definition of class.

I did the subscription for a couple of years and got more than my money’s worth. Sure, not every font is something you think you’ll need in the near future, but the others are worth their weight in gold. It’s a beautiful thing. Someday, I’m going to use that Scott McCloud font for a parody piece. Someday. . .

And, er, $129 divided by 12 is closer to TEN BUCKS a font than $20. That’s a real value!

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