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Savage Dragon, and the art of hand-lettering

From Savage Dragon #142

From Savage Dragon #142

A few years back, with the help of a couple of online tutorials, I taught myself how to letter a comic to ease the submissions process a little.

No, that’s not quite right: I taught myself how to use Illustrator to place words in little balloon-like objects. Comic-book lettering, when done right, is an art. What I do … well, let’s pretend it gets the job done and then speak of it no more.

It was while wrestling with my shortcomings that I came to really appreciate the masters of that art. So I was happy to see last night this too-brief exchange between two craftsmen, Todd Klein and Tom Orzechowski, about the latter’s hand-lettered work on Savage Dragon, taking over for John Workman.

“I’ve lined up an Image GN with creators who are delighted with the thought of hand lettering, and I’ll be looking for more of this,” Orzechowski writes. “I hadn’t realized how much I’d missed the pen and ink.”

There are some nice examples of his Savage Dragon work at the link.


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