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Whatever happened to the Blog of Tomorrow? or, How I spent the holidays

Contrary to popular belief, we weren’t eaten by anyone, nor did we run off to the woods to learn to play the banjo and write a manifesto. Nope, we’ve spent the last few weeks working with Jonah Weiland and the fine folks here at Comic Book Resources to bring you a new blog, here on a new site, with a new name, look and outlook. Unfortunately, you’re still stuck with the same old me, but I guess you can’t have everything.

So what the heck is a Robot 6? You’ll have to ask Kevin Melrose, who came up with our cool new name. Although I’d be hard pressed to tell you what happened to Robots 1-5, I can share what I do know: Robot 6 is a new comics blog by many of the folks from the old Blog@Newsarama. In addition to Kevin and me, you’ll also find Lisa Fortuner, Tom Bondurant, Michael May, Melissa Krause, Stephanie Chan, Tim O’Shea and Chris Mautner here. You’ll also find a couple of people whose names you might recognize from the comics industry – Jennifer de Guzman from SLG Publishing and Larry Young of AiT/Planet Lar fame. And no doubt there will be some other folks popping up from time to time as well … what’s life without a few surprises?

We’ll be bringing you our unique take on the comics world every day, and hopefully complementing the great work being done by CBR’s editorial staff, its many columnists, and our friends and fellow bloggers at Comics Should Be Good!

I want to thank Jonah for his support over the last month. When we left Newsarama, we didn’t know where we were going to land, we only knew we wanted to keep the band together. Jonah made it really easy to decide to set up our new home here at Comic Book Resources. It’s been a blast working with Jonah so far, and I look forward to seeing what we can do together in the future.

I also want to thank Stephen Gerding, who has been instrumental in getting us up and running. He set up the site, did the visual design and created our kick-ass new logo. Two weeks ago we didn’t have any of that stuff, but he managed to bring it all together in record time.

I’d also be remiss if I didn’t thank our official sponsor. In case you hadn’t noticed, IDW Publishing is helping to make this all possible. Between this and all the support Scott Dunbier has put toward our auctions for our injured friend Carla Hoffman, I probably owe someone over there my first born. Or at least my dog.

Although our official launch isn’t until Monday, be sure to check back over the weekend … it’s been too long since we had the chance to talk about comics like this, and we don’t plan on waiting. So add us to your RSS reader, subscribe to our Twitter feed (which should be up before Monday is up right now) and say hello in our comments section.

We’re back. Let’s have some fun.



Double Huzzah! This is gonna be awesome! Welcome back!

Welcome Back!

Jen de Guzman and Larry Young?!? Sir, that’s no Raven Gregory or Filip Sablik.

Also, this comments thread is only for people whose names start with “D.”

Welcome back, guys. Glad to see you finally found a new home!

It’s about time!

Glad to have the boys back in town!!

Yay! So glad to have you all back! Consider me subscribed.

Good on you, JK. I for one missed your musings. Best of luck in the new home!

Good to have you guys back!

So glad we still have you guys around. I’ve been gravitating more towards CBR these days anyway.

KIck-ass! Welcome back, guys!

Welcome back & here’s to 2009!

Welcome back, to that same old place that you laughed about.

Happy New Years, guys!


Welcome back, folks. Good to see you again.

THANK JEEBUS YOU’RE BACK!!!!!!! at CBR, nonetheless. very chic.

WAIT ONE MINUTE……… i just added your new RSS feed and I was shocked to find that the feed only populates with truncated posts! that’s an RSS reader nightmare!!! please reconsider this move and put the entirety of your posts into the RSS feed.

Welcome, Robot 6. Please don’t enslave the human race.

Happy New Year! Welcome back!

Thanks everyone!

Nick, the RSS feed should be fixed now … I’ve updated the settings.

Oh thank god you guys are back. HAPPY NEW YEAR INDEED.

Is Robot 6 three less than IO 9?

E komo mai! Welcome! Hauoli Makahiki Hou! Happy New Year! I’m so glad to see y’all back!

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JK, glad to have this blogging band back together again. But everytime I try to subscribe to the rss field, I keep seeing what I assume are your test messages, not your most recent posts.

A blog that doesn’t annoy the crap out of me on CBR!!!

Great to see you all in one place, that’s a lot easier to navigate to. I’ve got my RSS on, so I’ll be checking in.

Welcome back to all the gang!

I’ve missed reading comic book stuff while you were re-trenching.

BTW, is Robot 6 anything like the Chicago 7?

This is exactly the kind of thing I was hoping would happen.

Sweet, sweeter, sweetest.

I’ve tried to come up with several things to say that are positive and not negative to the others guys. Can’t do it.

Alan, while not speaking for the group, if we were like the Chicago 7, I believe I am the Lee Weiner of the group. According to ever questionably reliable Wikipedia, J. Anthony Lukas described Weiner as “a strangely remote figure who shunned most of the defendants’ extracurricular activities.” That is so me.

Just wanted to stop by and say thank god you guys are back.

You’ve really, really been missed.

…oh, and any chance you Robot 6 peoples can steal back Graeme McMillan?

Welcome to CBR, chaps – the section looks good. May you have loads of fun in 2009.

Well, hail and hallelujah. I missed you all.

“But everytime I try to subscribe to the rss field, I keep seeing what I assume are your test messages, not your most recent posts.”

Hi Julia — what URL are you putting into your reader? I’m not sure what would be causing that, but I can check with the technical folks and see if they can figure it out.

Anyone else having that same problem?

Welcome back, JK! Looking forward to seeing what develops.

JK, I was using whatever URL is attached to the orange RSS button in Firefox. It looks like the url is:

For what it’s worth, the new entries have now popped up, so maybe they just needed time?

Ah, the balance has shifted again… welcome back to the great game. [swirls his cigar in a snifter of cognac]

Wow, the new setup looks great! I guess I tuned in to CBR at just the right time. I’m looking forward to more great blogs.

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