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Who watches the Hot Topic customers?

Hot Topic's "Watchmen" hoodie

Hot Topic's "Watchmen" hoodie

A Watchmen hoodie can be yours, or Alan Moore’s, for a cool $48.

Great, now I have Burn Down Hot Topic stuck in my head.

(via Pink Kryptonite)

Update: Stephen Gerding posted a snapshot last month of a Watchmen in-store display.



I’m really torn. i LOVE the idea of a Watchmen hoodie, but I loathe the idea of emo boys and girls wearing them as some sort of statement. I’ve seen the Watchmen film t-shirts at Hot Topic of Rorschach, but this…I don’t know. I’m really torn. I think I’m feeling a bit of that elitist comic fan in me right now that doesn’t want the public touching it. Now that I think of it, if this had the smiley face logo on it, it would be much better — this just isn’t all that great.

That said, I CAN’T wait to see the movie.

I dig the graffiti on back.

I SOOOOO want to be there when someone wearing one of those walks up to Moore.

It’s coming…

Give it a couple months. I promise.

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