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Why do folks still think this kinda thing is OK?

I know I probably have a less elastic view of this issue than most, what with me causing to have produced copyrighted entertainment for sale, and all, but I was tipped off to this site.

I dunno about you, but it’s rare and unique to see such blatant and overt copyright infringement in this day and age. To use a few superfluous redundant pleonastic tautologies.



That’s unfortunate.

It’s like scans_daily but without the slash fic icons.

Is it just me or is the site not working? I can only view the cover of the comics – it won’t let me “turn the page” so to speak.

but… you just increased their hits by at least three there, Lar…!


I hope those three were Marvel Legal, DC Legal, and Archie Legal. :)

Did you miss out on the whole mp3 blog phenom then? lol. This is kind of standard. Comics have been insulated from it due to the fact that physical copies have a raison d’etre still, but don’t be shocked that people pirate them.

Oh, I’m not shocked that people pirate them. I’m shocked that they STILL do.

To quote Tom Arnold in “True Lies”: “Ballsy. Stupid but ballsy.”

I think it’s a cool site. It allows me to read comics that I don’t have access to. My only problem with the site is how they compress the splash pages.

What is most impressively dumb is that the site is registered in the US and I could locate the site owner’s contact information within 3 minutes of whois and google searching.

Usually pirates who are that prolific are at least smarter about trying to dodge US laws.

According to a reply at blog@newsarama, this guy has a history of doing dumb things.

This is crass.
I will never understand how supposed comic fans bend over backwards to justify that this is not theft. Especially if you see how the new comics are distrubuted on the net a day after publication. I really don´t want to know how much income is lost not only for the publisher, but for the creative people involved.

Thanks for the site. I did not know about it.

Thanks for the site. Some of us can’t afford the $4 23 page comic any longer.

@SKFK – That IS exceptionally dumb of him.

I added an initial to my name here to differentiate between me and the guy trying to justify theft.

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