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A pick-me-up for those late-night squid fights

Even superheroes need a pick-me-up for those long nights fighting crime or doing other things, and here it is. The Organic Coffee Cartel is now selling a blend called Veidt Enterprise’s Nite Owl Dark Roast:

Nite Owl Dark Roast

Nite Owl Dark Roast

It’s a small moment in the film WATCHMEN – Dan and Laurie save a group from a tenement fire. Once inside the Owl Ship, the survivors are offered what else? Coffee. Among all that hardware, there’s an airplane-style coffee maker. And Veidt Enterprise’s Nite Owl Dark Roast is the imaginary brand of coffee they brew. What better name for the quintessential caffeinated beverage when served in the context of nocturnal crime-fighting? In truth, this is 100% organic specialty coffee from WATCHMEN unit photographer Clay Enos and his Organic Coffee Cartel.

Only 10,000 cans will be produced, and they’re giving away a chance to attend the premiere of the film in Los Angeles with each purchase. Enos, you may recall, did the Watchmen: Portrait book as well. Per the site, a majority of their profits go to charity.



Looks like a can of Chock Full O’ Nuts. My favourite coffee, which I can no longer find in Canada.



They mentioned this at the Watchmen books panel at NYCC but when I went online to check it out, the whole stock was sold out. Good to see they’ve got the thing up and running again.


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