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Brian Wood announces ‘Channel Zero,’ ‘Jennie One’ rights reversion

Writer Brian Wood announced today via press release that the rights to a couple of his early works, Channel Zero and Channel Zero: Jennie One, have reverted back to him from AiT/Planet Lar:

Channel Zero

Channel Zero

Brian Wood announces the immediate and full reversion of publishing and all other rights for the critically-acclaimed Channel Zero and Channel Zero: Jennie One graphic novels.

First published in 1998 by Image Comics and later in 2000 by AIT/Planet Lar, Channel Zero is writer/artist Brian Wood’s first published comic, born out of a senior thesis project for Parsons School of Design. Critically acclaimed and hugely influential, the book went on to enjoy six editions in its collected form. Wired Magazine called it “surprising and fresh.” Famed comics creator Warren Ellis called it “one of the most uplifting comics of the 1990’s”.

Jennie One, the prequel graphic novel from 2003, was illustrated by Becky Cloonan, and pre-dates Demo as their first collaborative project.

“In so many ways, Channel Zero is my baby, and I’m thrilled to hold the rights again, “Wood said. “It’s the foundation that everything else I’ve written was built on. Look for more announcements soon as the two books get a new life in 2009.”

Brian Wood is currently writing DMZ, Northlanders, and Demo for DC/Vertigo. He can be found at and

Wood and Cloonan’s rights to Demo reverted back to them in 2007, and the book was re-released by Vertigo last year. A second Demo series is due from Vertigo later this year.



Wow, I didn’t realize that AIT had held the rights! I bought the first issue of Channel Zero at the first Comic-Con I went to. It’s a bad-ass story, and I’m glad Brian has the rights to his work back.

It is great to hear that Brian got his rights back. I really loved Channel Zero. It is a powerful comic book. It is also one of the few times where a break out book is something that can be held up as something to aspire to, and still hold its own 11 years later.

Countdownt to revert of Couscous Express and the Couriers and then Larry Young’s pretty much lost all his income cause he won’t have anything left to O/A in the Previews catalog.

Tom Fitzpatrick

February 3, 2009 at 2:53 pm

I hope it means more Channel Zero from the Wood.


You… uhm… do realize that Larry Young puts out a hell of a lot more content than just the Brian Wood books, right? None of it may have the name recognition, but Ait probably ain’t going to be hurt by this.

I so want an oversized Absolute Channel Zero.


Of course I do but I’ve also been noticing how rare new material is from AIT (the bulk of course being the good six issue mini Black Diamond) and how important his O/A material is.

A darn good chunk of it coming from Brian Wood. Well he’s slowly but surely losing those books.

Doesn’t mean I want something bad to happen, mind you, but its just something of major note that he’s slowly losing his inventory as the rights are all reverting and its getting rarer and rarer that new material is coming.

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