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Naruto, Vol. 33

Naruto, Vol. 33

Sales charts | Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ Watchmen continues to have its way with bookstores as it holds the top spot on BookScan’s graphic-novel list for the seventh month in a row. The hardcover edition was No. 3 for the second consecutive month.

The 33rd volume of Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto checked in at No. 2 on BookScan’s Top 20 for January (six other volumes also appear on the list). Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo’s Joker was No. 4.

Elsewhere, Watchmen slipped 13 places to No. 48 in its 29th week on USA Today’s bestseller list. [, USA Today]

Creators | Writer Brian Michael Bendis discusses, at some length, his run on Ultimate Spider-Man: “Doing my initial Spider-Man research, in going back and reading everything, [I found] for a sad sack this guy was getting laid left and right. This guy had more girlfriends than I ever had in high school. Betty Brant was hitting on him. MJ, Gwen. There were girls everywhere. There is an element of Peter that sees himself a certain way. But the reality is that he’s doing much better than he thinks. That’s always been there. It was only accentuated during the [John] Romita years where everyone looked real good. Everyone started looking very attractive and romance comic-y. And my goal overall was to hit the spirit of the Romita years. That’s when I thought the rules of Spider-Man really kicked in.” [Bookslut, via Dirk Deppey]

Creators | Writer Dale Lazarov talks about his new work Manly, collaborating with artist Amy Colburn, and deciding against using dialogue: “At first, I struggled with writing non-cheesy porn dialogue, then realized that translation would be a problem, as most of the serious publishers for gay erotic comics are in Japan and Germany. It made sense to transform this limitation into a creative choice and a selling point; the lack of text makes the work more suggestive and involving for the reader, and the books are distributed absolutely everywhere.” [Windy City Times]

Conventions | Tom Spurgeon compiles a list of 10 things he’d do if he were attending this weekend’s New York Comic Con. [The Comics Reporter]

Events | Steven Padnick has photos from Tuesday night’s Scott Pilgrim vs. the Universe release party at Jim Hanley’s Universe in New York City. [The Roar of Comics]

Blogosphere | In other Scott Pilgrim-related news, blogger Rachelle Goguen is having a contest in which you could win Scott Pilgrim: Full-Colour Odds & Ends 2008, a compilation of short stories. [Living Between Wednesdays]

Fandom | BBC presenter Jonathan Ross has donated a copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 for an auction to benefit Comic Relief. [Telegraph]



Thanks for the plug, Kevin :)

My pleasure.

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“Doing my initial Spider-Man research, in going back and reading everything, [I found] for a sad sack this guy was getting laid left and right.”

Nah, according to JMS, he and Gwen never did the deed. And since she was the girlfriend he spent more time with (except maybe MJ), that means he probably didn’t get laid until very late.

Don’t look at me that way, blame JMS or the editor who greenlighted that (Alex Alonso, if you are wondering).

And people complain about BND…

Hunter (Pedro Bouça)

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