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Borders Group

Borders Group

• Barely two weeks after it eliminated 16 executive positions, Borders Group announced yesterday that it has cut 136 more jobs, or about 12 percent of the corporate workforce, in its Ann Arbor, Mich., headquarters.

“While reducing payroll is never easy and we respect the impact it has on employees and their families, it is one of the necessary steps we must take along with other non-payroll expense reductions to help get this company back on track financially,” CEO Ron Marshall said in a press release. (via GalleyCat)

• At CBR, retailer Brian Hibbs analyzes the Nielsen BookScan figures for 2008, noting, among other things, that Watchmen topped the graphic-novel list by selling 308,396 copies in bookstores. The 28th volume of Naruto was No. 2, with nearly 104,000 copies. Watchmen was the top grosser, too, with $6.1 million, followed by The Complete Persepolis ($1.3 million) and Batman: The Killing Joke ($1.1 million). You should go read the whole thing.

• John Jackson Miller provides more context for January’s direct-market sales figures, comparing them to other years.

• Advertising Age has a video report from New York Comic Con that puts a negative spin on the potential effects “a Kindle-like device” could have on the comics industry: “Could Kindle-like devices put the KABOOM! on the comic-book business? That’s the fear of some publishers who see the handheld digital book readers as a direct threat to their viability.”


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as for a “Kindle-style” reader for comics, i’ve tried out some options with no solution yet. back when i was doing advance reviews for Comic News Int’l, i would get pdfs from Marvel and i would read them on-the-go via a Dell pda. the thing was a little outdated but it got the job done. problem is, a comics reading device needs to be formatted for the page’s aspect ratio. in fact, you would probably need it to be formatted for two pages, since the double page spread is so common.

I would also toss the issues on a traditional laptop setup, which which fine, but the aspect is still wrong. For a couple years now, I’ve had the idea of getting a tablet laptop (the kind that have the aspect ratio of a piece of paper, and they have a touch screen) and using that as a mobile comics reader. thing is, there’s no good legal source for downloadable comics, and i’ve heard bad things all around regarding the tablet touch-screen laptops.

my big fear regarding a Kindle type of device is that the screen will be too small – at the end of the day, i want higher res art, not smaller images.

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