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Freaky Friday: The Jim Woodring edition

Some Woodring sketches

Some Woodring sketches


Jim Woodring has been posting some amazing drawings from his sketchbook over on his blog. Scroll down slowly to take them in fully.

Thanks to Drawn! I’m now aware of Grandma’s Graphics, a great site full of vintage storybook art and illustrations.

Hellblazer, via Tim Bradstreet

Hellblazer, via Tim Bradstreet

Comic Books is not a new review blog or online strip but a tumblr site devoted to great comic book covers. It’s heavy on the big two, but still features some impressive work. (via)

Yesterday I mentioned Olga Volozova, who has a new book from Sparkplug coming out. You can see some of her art work here.


Do you remember when Dennis the Menace was introduced to the world of Judaism? Mike Lynch does.

More Virgil Partch? Yes, please.

Virgil Partch

Virgil Partch

Filboid Studge offers a great remembrance of Rea Irvin, the first ever artist for the New Yorker and the guy who designed that famous cover.

Pete Von Sholly has a very entertaining art blog where he posts some hilarious horror/pop culture themed gag strips. (via)


Did you know there’s a Cold Heat blog? Did you know Alex Cahill has a very nice art blog? Well, I didn’t.


Dash Shaw just wrapped up his Bodyworld storyline, which makes this a fine time to start reading it from the start.

Dan Goldman did the honors for this week’s entry in Smith’s Next Door Neighbor series.


Finally, here’s some Victor Mosoco animation:


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