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Hawkman + dinosaurs = cool

Kyle Baker's Hawkman

Kyle Baker's Hawkman

Earlier this month Kevin posted about Kyle Baker’s Hawkman story; over at the Pulse, Jennifer Contino talks to Baker about the book and several other projects. Per the interview, the story will appear in some sort of anthology and will feature an alien invasion and Dinosaur Island:

THE PULSE: When you think Hawkman, what ideas immediately came to your mind about what a story featuring this hero HAD to be about?

BAKER: In most of his adventures, Hawkman usually defends Earth from space alien invasion, so that’s what my story’s about. There’s also action on Dinosaur Island, because dinosaurs are always cool. Hawkman carries a mace, so it’s important for a writer to create dilemmas which can be resolved with a mace. A guy with a mace fighting a T-Rex is a good fight to watch.

An official release date for the book has yet to be announced.



Could “Wednesday Comics” be the next weekly? I skipped the last two weeklies, but I’d buy an anthology one. Especially if it’s only running for three months.

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