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Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now 2.1

Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now 2.1

Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now 2.1

Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now

Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now

Welcome to the new “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now,” re-vamped for Robot 6! After the craziness that was the female superhero discussion last month, I started to think about what shapes our tastes as comics readers. I can’t speak for anyone but myself, so I’m going to use the next few months to explore what the pop culture obsessions I’ve had throughout my life have shaped who I am.

I wrote about my love for Wonder Woman as a little girl in my Publishers Weekly column last month, but and while I addressed what her shortcomings are for me now that I’m an adult, I didn’t write about why I idolized her when I was four.

The reasons are not very complicated and, to be honest, fall pretty squarely in “Things That Make My Husband* Say ‘You’re Such a Girl'”:

1. Wonder Woman has dark hair. (Like me!)
2. Wonder Woman is beautiful and glamorous.
3. Wonder Woman wears a sparkly outfit while she runs around fighting bad guys.

There was one point in the otherwise illogical and ill-argued opinion piece that sparked the discussion that I can agree with: That it is not right to devalue what are generally considered to be feminine traits or tastes. And it seems that I had “typical” little girl tastes for glamor and glitter.

But at the time I was watching Wonder Woman re-runs and re-purposing a jump rope as a golden lasso, there was no shortage of dark-haired, glamorous women in sparkly outfits on television. What made Wonder Woman special is that she was a superheroine. Beauty is fleeting — but a woman who inspires fear and awe in bad guys? She’s something that ignites a little girl’s imagination.

*Brian Belew, also my artist.



those are pretty much the same reasons i liked wonder woman when i was four years old too!!!! WW / Lynda was my first crush. she’s hot AND tough. that was sexy, even to four year old me.

I loved Batgirl/Barbara Gordon since I was a little girl. And when Yvonne Craig played her on the 1960s Batman tv series, well, yeah, I wanted to be her. A librarian who is also a superhero who can kick butt! 43 years later, I’m a librarian, and I do know how to throw a punch and place a kick where it can do serious damage, but I’m definitely not a superhero. I was 11, not 4. When I was 4, I wanted to be Mighty Mouse.

Welcome to CBR, Jen. Nice to see the column here on Robot 6.

Thanks, Jonah!

Oh, gosh, I had a Mighty Mouse thing, too Kat! Also, there was a time when I only would wear green pants because I loved Herman the Mouse. I tended to get obsessed with stuff as a kid.

I feel like this photo of me when I was a kid is exactly what this article is about:

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