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Jemas working on new translation of Genesis

gr_link_image1I’m not even sure what to say about this one, so let’s jump right in. The New Jersey Star-Ledger reports that former Marvel executive Bill Jemas is working on a new translation of The Bible’s Book of Genesis:

His goal is to write an English translation of Genesis that is truer to the Hebrew text than are widely used English translations like the famed King James Version. He already has completed the first chapter, available online and in his book “Genesis Rejuvenated.”

By presenting alternative English definitions for Hebrew words to those chosen by KJV translators in 1611, he hopes that his internet-accessible “Freeware Bible,” as he calls his translation, will show readers that widely accepted Bible translations are inherently imperfect.

While still a work in progress, Jemas is posting his version at, as well as blogging about the experience and related topics here.

Going back to the Star-Ledger article, Jemas likened the responses by some folks to his translation to the reactions fans initially had to the Ultimate Universe:

Before his arrival, Marvel faced a declining, aging fan base for its superheroes, who themselves had aged in storylines going back decades. Jemas pressed what became a financially lucrative effort to reimagine the superheroes as youngsters again, only with modern trappings.

For example, in “Ultimate Spider-Man,” Peter Parker worked part time as a webmaster for the Daily Bugle newspaper, rather than as a photographer as he did in the original Spider-Man series.

Iron Man, the Hulk and X-Men had similar remakes.

Jemas likened the initial response to the Ultimate series to responses by some readers of his Bible chapter who have been less than thrilled.

“When I announced we were going to turn the characters back into teen-agers, the response was vicious. Horrible. Angry. Childish,” he said. “If you pay attention to that, you lose sight of what you’re supposed to be doing.”



The last two graphs quoted make it sound as though Jemas will be turning the Genesis characters into teenagers.

Which, of course, would be awesome.

Oh, Genesis Characters as teenagers — brilliant. Someone write the comic, sell the rights, get new TV series. This is Network gold!

i continue to be intrigued by just about everything jemas does. i’m not a religious guy, but i think this is an interesting experiment.

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