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Kyle Baker’s Hawkman: Have mace, will pummel

Hawkman, by Kyle Baker

Hawkman, by Kyle Baker

I’m not a fan of Hawkman — nothing against the hairy-chested Thanagarian; I just haven’t given him much thought — but glimpses of Kyle Baker’s upcoming DC Comics project have me a little excited.

Announced by Baker in October, the book is being teased as “ultra-realistic and violent.” How violent? Well, there’s a scene in which Aquaman’s giant seahorse is killed by a Tyrannosaurus rex.

On Friday Baker posted a couple of pages from the comic, saying that he should finish the art over the weekend. Maybe we’ll see an official announcement, and release date, during New York Comic Con.



If Final Crisis was all about showcasing and re-releasing the eccentricity, and raw imagination of DCU back into pop conscious, and if this is such an upcoming example of a new creedo for DC, I’d say mission accomplished…stuff like this will be amazing to read. :) Giant seahorse attacked by dino, huge win.

Why haven’t I heard of this, and when is it coming out?

Am I excited by this project? It’s raw and daring. Hawkman looks a bit goofy with that hawk helmet of his. If the story is well written, the art will flow. It has that early Joe Kubert feel to it. Murphy Anderson captured Hawkman the best in my opinion. I wish Kyle success. He puts himself out there with projects like this.

Oh god yes. Yes yes and more yes.

I’m usually not that big of a fan of Baker’s art (I respect it, but it never grabbed me), but this looks amazing. Never been a fan of Hawkman, but I’ll check this out based on the art alone.

Man, with this, the Mike Allred project, and a rumored Morrison/Quietly Batman, DC is definitely heading towards something interesting.

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