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Lower Manhattan may be significantly larger than we remember

Doctor Manhattan

Doctor Manhattan

There may not be a giant squid in Zack Snyder’s $130-million Watchmen adaptation, but we’ve long known one detail that stays true to the source material: Doctor Manhattan parades around in his full-frontal glory.

Heck, we even caught a glimpse of his outer burroughs in one of the early trailers.

But now a Defamer tipster adds a new wrinkle to the debate over the movie’s faithfulness. It seems the big-screen Manhattan has undergone some significant male enhancement.

“There is indeed shitloads of blue wang,” the tipster writes. “And it’s huge. In the comic book, it’s very average, and uncut, but the film is completely the opposite. Massive and circumcised. Given that it’s digital, was it Crudup or his agent that insisted on the impressive cut cock?”

As Vulture points out, Doctor Manhattan’s blue meanie in the comic book is “modest and understated … symbolizing the character’s impotence in the face of human evil.” Artist Dave Gibbons has said he “was was careful to give him understated genitals, like a piece of classical sculpture.”

So, have Snyder & Co. (further) undercut the intent of Gibbons and Alan Moore by digitally transforming Doctor Manhattan’s uncircumcised, “understated” weenie into a cut tower of power? Or is this just making a (blue) mountain out of a molehill?



The movie Watchmen was made without the consent or participation of the writer of the book, Alan Moore.

Out of respect for Mr. Moore, why not consider waiting at least one week (preferably more) after the theatrical release of Watchmen to watch it, as a small protest to the consistently poor treatment of Mr. Moore by Time Warner and DC Comics? DC comics, it should be noted, has a long and notorious history of poor treatment of cartoonists, going back at least to screwing a couple of teenagers out of the rights to Superman.

I am not arguing that it is wrong to go see the Watchmen movie if you really want to. I am just suggesting you wait a bit to see it, out of RESPECT for the person who wrote it, as his wishes for it are not being honored.

I repeat… this is an issue of RESPECT. It is not a legal issue. It is not an issue of artistic merit, or lack thereof. It is not even an issue of being completely sick of seeing marketing for this movie everywhere, even though I certainly am. It is an issue of respecting the intent of an artist whose works you respect.

Furthermore, a week is a VERY small time to wait if you really want to see this thing. It is an important time to the Time Warner Corporation, however, as how a movie is received in its first week very much effects how successful it is overall.

I’ve read many objections to Mr. Moore’s complaints about the film. Yes, Mr. Moore was doing work for hire… yes, he sold the rights to Watchmen. It was certainly a bad business deal.

Mr. Moore signed a contract where the rights to Watchmen would return to him after the book had been out of print for a designated period of time. At the time Watchmen came out, there was no precedent for a graphic novel NOT going out of print. Watchmen, Dark Knight and Maus changed that. Mr. Moore naively thought at the time he signed the contract that he would get the rights back, and DC Comics was happy to exploit him.

Regardless of whatever mistakes Mr. Moore has made in this instance, his works have greatly enriched my life. Out of respect for him, I don’t think it is asking a lot to wait a week or two to see whatever travesty they have made of his book on the screen… or, better yet, you could choose not to see it at all.

The book is still on the shelf, and will always be the best way to experience this masterpiece of comics fiction. Why not do yourself a favor and read it instead of watching the Hollywood aberration?

If you’ve ever read and enjoyed any of the wonderful works of Alan Moore, please consider affording him this extremely small favor.

Join the Wait a Week to Watch the Watchmen Facebook group here:

I’m watching it at midnight that thursday and then a couple more times that first weekend! How about we always show support for every single comic book movie that comes out so they keep coming out, especially the good ones like I suspect this will be?

“adds a new wrinkle”

You just couldn’t resist, could you, Kevin?

Steven “Captain Obvious” Stwalley said:
“The movie Watchmen was made without the consent or participation of the writer of the book, Alan Moore.”

WHAT!!??? I’ve NEVER heard this before! THANK YOU for bringing us this breaking news! Oh my freaking god it’s a veritable REVELATION!!!

Yeah, the Black Freighter has sailed on that one.

I’m not sure how waiting a week will do anything or send any particular statement. If it’s a good film I’ll be glad that it was made, whether or not Moore approves.

[…] “THERE IS INDEED SHITLOADS OF BLUE WANG” In what has to be a ploy to drive Alan Moore completely fucking out of his mind, early screenings of Watchmen have revealed that Dr. Manhattan’s blue meanie is pretty much everywhere in the film.  Described as “massive and circumsized” it’s a departure from the depiction in the comic, in which his ding-dong was totally average (except for the whole blue thing). JUDGE DREDD CONCEPT ART As time goes by, it becomes a little more likely that this movie will be made. Mmmmm, Mega City. You look so delicious. […]

I hate to argue but Dr. Manhattan was obviously uncircumcised in the movie.

Um, darling … I’m a 40 year old woman who has seen both types. That large, blue penis is definately circumcised. You dnn’t see that kind of … definition … in an uncut penis.

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