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Munroe’s Rapture rolls into the Motor City

Sword of My Mouth #1

Sword of My Mouth #1

I really liked Jim Munroe and Salgood Sam’s “post-Rapture” graphic novel Therefore Repent!, which came out at the end of 2007. Imagine its the end of the world, the Book of Revelation was right and all the good folks were zapped up to Heaven … that’s where the story of a couple called Raven and Mummy begins.

Munroe’s been working on the sequel, Sword of My Mouth, with artist Shannon Gerard. While Repent! saw angels with machine guns bringing the hammer down in Chicago, this one features Famine of Four Horsemen fame riding into a Detroit where crackhouses are being replaced with farms.

The mini-series from IDW starts in May, and to help people get caught up on the story, Munroe is offering the complete Therefore Repent! online for free. Check out his blog for info on where you can download it. (It’s also for sale in his store if you want to actually touch it).



You can ignore this post if you’d like, but as a practicing Roman Catholic I’ve got to hit a couple of points that are real pet peeves of mine…

First, it’s book of “Revelation.” No “S.” Or you can call it “The Reveleation to St. John” or “John’s Apocalypse.” But nobody calls it “Revelations.” There was just the one, after all.

Secondly, though a very vocal minority of (largely) American Christians *do* believe that Revelation implies some sort of “Rapture” this is far from a widely held belief. I won’t argue the theology, but belief in the Rapture is supported by just a few narrowly read passages. So saying that if you believe in Revelation means you belive in the Rapture is pretty simplistic. Christianity and Revelation are a *lot* more comlicated than that…

Thanks for indulging one of my quirks. :-)

No worries … what is the internet for besides indulging our quirks? :) I took out the “s,” btw.

That’s more than I could have hoped for… Thanks for listening. :-)

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