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NYCC | A relieved Rucka shares a little about Batwoman

From "Detective Comics" #854, by Greg Rucka, J.H. Williams III and Dave Stewart

From "Detective Comics" #854, by Greg Rucka, J.H. Williams III and Dave Stewart

New York Comic Con attendees were treated to a preview in their programs of Detective Comics #854, which kicks off a run by Greg Rucka and J.H. Williams III. So that long-rumored Batwoman title won’t be a separate miniseries, but instead an arc of Detective timed to coincide with the “death”-induced absence of Batman.

“Which means finally — finally! — I can openly admit that yes, JH Williams III and I have been working on a Batwoman title for nearly two years,” Rucka writes on his blog. “And that is both a pleasure and a relief, if I may say so, because I’ve been wanting to share this for so long it’s not funny. And as much as it’s been hard for me to keep my tongue still on the subject, I think it’s been infinitely harder for JH, all the more so because I believe, sincerely, that this is some of the best work I’ve ever done, and it’s certainly the finest work I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing from him.”

Rucka also shares a five-page preview, along with the corresponding script.

The new Batwoman, Kate Kane, was introduced with much fanfare in July 2006 52 #11. However, an often-discussed solo series has met with one delay after another, which some have chalked up to DC’s nervousness — apparently after the fact — about any potential effect the character’s sexual orientation could have on the lucrative Bat-brand.

DC had given mixed, or at least ambigous, signals about the future of the project. At a panel last year at WonderCon, Executive Editor Dan DiDio said there wouldn’t be a Batwoman series (which is true enough, I suppose, given that we’re now looking at Detective).

But at Emerald City ComicCon in May, Rucka confirmed, if in vague terms, that there would be a book featuring Batwoman. A month later, letterer Todd Klein listed a Batwoman miniseries under the “current projects” section of his website, only to later rename it “mystery project.”

“I got in trouble for even mentioning this project last time I revised the page, and I think it’s still unannounced,” Klein wrote in the edited entry. “This entry may disappear soon …”



Yay! Why the hell DC allowed this to be so delayed is insane, but I’m glad it’s finally coming.

Those pages are spectacular.

I’ve been waiting for JH Williams III to do a lengthy run on something — anything — since his Desolation Jones arc wrapped.

I hope he sticks around for the full 12 to 14 issues (or more) that Rucka plans to write.

is JH considered a slow artist (delays)?

I think J.H. Williams III is a slower artist, but, he did do Desolation Jones, a great series but irregular in its release. Before that, the longest run I can remember him doing was about 10 years ago with Alan Moore on Promethea, another super fantastic series.

Really looking forward to this. I like that DC is putting this in the main Detective title. With the economy doing poorly, it’s less distraction getting a separate mini series or her own ongoing, though I’m sure if response is strong enough she’ll have her own serious.

Yes, it’s completely baffling to me why it took 2 years for this to come out. Apprehension on DC’s part is partially to blame methinks, but I think it’s more on the art. Hopefully I’m wrong. If DC were all nervous about the gay thing they never should have green lit that approach in the first place. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

“about any potential effect the character’s sexual orientation could have on the lucrative Bat-brand.”

You mean the effect that guys like big breasted lesbians that make out with other attractive women?

Yeah…boy, that backlash sure would be something.

More often than not, it’s gay male superheroes that tend to bother those that are offended by that sort of thing. Lesbians tend to fly under the radar.

I agree with Dr_Chaos; society in general can overlook two girls making out, not the guys. Furthermore, in the fanboy world, lesbian exploitation is “hot.”

Sure, Midnighter received a book, but I highly doubt they’d ever have any sheets scene like with Renee Montoya so prevalent in the DC Universe.

I talked with a coworker, a lesbian, who was almost happy that Kate wouldn’t get a book because she felt it was more about women making out as an excuse for a lesbian character than focus on the core of the character.

However, I think with the correct writer, Batwoman … or any character, gay, lesbian, bi, whatever … that it can be done well. It’s really lame of DC to put out that they are “diverse” when it seems otherwise overall. I mean, was it just for some needed media attention at the time? Wasn’t it played up so much she was a lesbian over the fact that Batwoman would be back? Except for “Bat” in her name, she’s like a C-List character, and it does seem like they don’t want potential outrage from some parent whose only contact with Batman is the toys they buy their child, and that would wreck the family oriented nature of the Batman property. Soo lame.

Furthermore, if DC really wanted to be diverse, and really were all about equality and believing it chill for a character to be gay, they’d have Supergirl or Nightwing or someone higher up to be bisexual at least.

Wonder Woman has been essentially played up as bisexual in more recent times. I can’t remember the issue number, but in one comic, Diana addresses an audience about her book, and a guy asks her if she’s single. She replies yes, but she’s not looking for a boyfriend right now, and then the girls’ hands go up, and she says she’s not in the market for a girlfriend at the moment either. But if this is correct, and she is indeed bi’, she’s certainly not going to have an active girlfriend in her title cuz it might corrupt little girls according to the public. Not unlike Sailors Uranus and Neptune being portrayed in English as cousins … ultimately, incestuous cousins, lol, but cousins nonetheless.

Holly Robinson was portrayed well; but now she’s not Catwoman and just in limbo now after “Countdown.”

Hmm … maybe they could get Morrison to do a Batwoman book in the spirit of Final Crisis … no one would know what was going on, so they could overlook the fact she’s a lesbian if that is indeed why she doesn’t have a book after all this time.



February 7, 2009 at 4:44 pm

Worried about the effect on the Bat Brand?? Well, what is Battle for the Cowl then? Only nixed half the Bat Family roster in the process!

They have to try and grow the title roster even if it means caving to the pressure and publishing the book. There’s a total dearth of LGBT characters starring in their own books. I don’t see how it will affect sales negatively other than create controversy. But where there’s controversy, there’s public interest and where there’s public interest there’s a potential chance to take advantage of a temporary spike in sales.

It’s about time they did something with her… Her origin story needs to be nothing less than phenomenal though

No pressure.

Worried about the brand?

I have no doubt that a Batwoman series will be far, far more interesting under the direction of these creators than this ridiculous up-coming “Battle for the Cowl” hype. I dread “Battle for Cowl.” Nothing good can come of it. An original Batwoman series, on the other hand? I think we just found the new Batman. And we all know what her name is. (Has Rucka ever written with Simone…?)

[…] for June, The Question (Renee Montoya) will debut in her co-feature in Detective Comics, which now stars Batwoman. Detective scribe Greg Rucka will write The Question story, with Cully Hamner (Blue Beetle) […]

DC better return Bruce Wayne to the titles soon or they will lose what fan base they have left. Nothing wrong with a Batwoman comic but enough already.

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