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Spider-Man’s Broadway debut set for Feb. 18, 2010

Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark

Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark

Marvel has announced the opening date and official title for Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark, the Broadway musical starring the web-slinger that was announced a couple of years ago.

The production opens Thursday, Feb. 18, 2010 at Broadway’s Hilton Theatre, 213 West 42nd Street. Preview performances begin Saturday, Jan. 16. Group tickets are already on sale, while single tickets will go on sale in June.

Although the specific plot or villains have yet to be announced, you have to wonder if the title is a reference to the black suit or Venom. Or maybe Norman Osborn’s Dark Reign will spill out of comics and will end on Broadway? OK, that’s a big stretch …

Tony Award-winner Julie Taymor (The Lion King, Across The Universe) is directing the production and shares writing credits with Glen Berger. U2’s Bono and The Edge are providing their first musical work for Broadway. Casting has yet to be announced.

Here’s the description of the musical:

Drawing from over 40 years of Marvel comic books for inspiration, “Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark” spins a new take on the mythic tale of a young man propelled from a modest rowhouse in Queens to the sky-scraping spire of the Chrysler Building, the bustling offices of the Daily Bugle, through the dizzying canyons of Manhattan, to new vistas never before seen.

The musical follows the story of teenager Peter Parker, whose unremarkable life is turned upside-down—literally—when he’s bitten by a genetically altered spider and wakes up the next morning clinging to his bedroom ceiling. This bullied science-geek—suddenly endowed with astonishing powers—soon learns, however, that with great power comes great responsibility as villains test not only his physical strength but also his strength of character.

Spider-Man’s battles will hurtle the audience through an origin story both recognizable and unexpected—yielding new characters as well as familiar faces—until a final surprising confrontation casts a startling new light on this hero’s journey.



Group tickets are already on sale. Who’s with me? It’s gonna be the next Carrie on Broadway!

Someone needs to clean the spittle off that poster!

There is no possible way this can be good.

@jose: So Ken Mandelbaum’s next book will be called “Not Since Spidey”? ;-)

wow that looks really bad. almost as bad as that new u2 song. i like julie taymor though…

Wow, this is going to suck to bad. And that title, jeez, I can already hear the people screaming for their $50-$150 back.

How many of you remember that there was a Superman musical in the 1960s called “Its A Bird, Its A Plane, Its Superman”? Here’s a link, It also was made into a TV movie in 1974, I did a report on it for a college music course. There were plans for a Captain America musical in the 1980s but it get past the planning stages.

Mark, I remember begging my parents to let me stay up late to watch the one and only airing of the TV version of the Supes play (1975?)… I was only 5 or 6, so I’m surprised they let me watch it. Even then I thought “That’s a really wimpy Superman!” LOL… You can actually buy bootleg DVDs of it, though I’m not sure why anyone would want to. I mean, it’s not the Star Wars Holiday Special or anything. :-)

In the early 90s, wasn’t there talk of a Batman musical being developed? I think it had that guy who wrote all of Meat Loaf’s songs, Jim Steinman, attached to it. I’m pretty grateful that never happened.

I can’t imagine this Spidey musical being any good either, but it’ll be interesting tp see what happens. Some things just don’t sound like great ideas. Like turning LOTR into a stage show.

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