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Robot 6 would like to congratulate the Fanboy Rampager himself…the Eye-Oh-Niner… Graeme McMillan, himself… on becoming a U.S. citizen.


Nice work, Citizen.



I am laughing, and blushing, and grateful, all at once. Thanks, Lar.

Now, he can TRULY enjoy those Steve Englehart/Sal Buscema Captain America comics :)

Great. Now we’ll never get rid of him.

And he’ll be able to *VOTE*?

I’ve never had an avatar, but now I want to make Graeme in that shot, mine. Ian, damn funny. And congrats, Graeme.

It’s the “Close This Door First” sign that makes the picture.

Somewhere, a US Immigration officer is thinking, “Damn! That’s how he got in!”


God help us all…

Congratulations, Citizen Graeme!

Congrats, Graeme! Somebody already showed him the secret handshake, right?

You all realize that this is the beginning of the end, right? Now that he’s one of us and can blend in completely, we’re all doomed.

Oh dear :(

“Close This Door First” –wasn’t that Pat Buchanan’s immigration policy on his last presidential run?

That picture should be America’s billboard.


Way to go, Graeme!

Now Obama can spend YOUR tax dollars as he wishes just like he’s spending mine!


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