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WonderCon | Captain Canuck collected

Captain Canuck

Captain Canuck

IDW announced just a little while ago several new collections they have coming out … Family Circus, The Rocketeer and Captain Canuck, pictured above.

Who remembers Canuck? The first time I ever saw a Captain Canuck comic was my very first visit to a comic shop ever, Lone Star Comics in Dallas. I’ve never actually read it (as I was too busy buying X-Men back issues to even look at it back then) but now it looks like I’ll have the chance.

Watch for my full IDW report on CBR soon.



wow, Captain Canuck made it to Dallas?

CC was big news here in Canada, as we didn’t really have mainstream domestic comics since WW2. I remember it had a lot of starts and stops – went issues #1-3, then a break, then restarted at #4 with George Freeman art where it felt a lot better. Actually one of the best things about it was Chaos Corps, a one-shot backup in #5 I think.

Richard Comely, the creator, wasn’t a great artist and a passable writer, but also I seem to remember his fundamentalist Christian views getting in later incarnations of the series (when it was relaunched again in the 90s with a different character).

Still, will be interesting to see this…the Freeman era from about #4-13 including the Annual was the best stuff I think.

I’ve met Richard Comely several times at conventions, and he’s a super nice fellow.

The comics themselves ranged in quality, but they were always fun and the effort’s there. Definitely a fun way to kill some hours. Can’t wait to get my hands on these.

A few years back I interviewed Claude St. Aubin who discussed working on Captain Canuck (as colorist, I believe).

I remember buying some issues down here in Atlanta, so whomever distributed the comics back then made sure they made it out of Canada.

IDW is making some interesting choices–ones that definitely have gotten my attention.

Captain Canuck! George Freeman! Woo!

Can’t wait to see “The Money Run” again…I remember it well long after those comics went missing…


Oh, AWESOME! I have never read Captain Canuck, but I’m dying to. Yay for cheesy Canadian superheroes!

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