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You, too, can look like Doctor Manhattan … down there

Marketing for Zack Snyder’s $130-million adaptation of Watchmen apparently took a bizarre turn over Valentine’s Day Weekend as Warner Bros. turned to some creative measures.

According to, folks in Columbus, Ohio, were handed a matchbook-style package emblazoned with the familiar bloodstained smiley face. When the cover was opened, they found a neon-blue condom and the slogan, “We’re Society’s Only Protection.”

Soon I’m going to create a “Things That Make Alan Moore Scream” tag for the blog.

Watchmen opens on March 6.

We're Society's Only Protection

We're Society's Only Protection

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They should totally have little black hydrogen atom logos at the tip.

That is some pretty awesome marketing. Alan Moore can eat it. /No, really.

I’d rather have a Rorshach version that features constantly changing image shapes

That’s gold Rich Marcej. GOLD!!!

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February 17, 2009 at 1:40 pm

epic! Now, if i can find the whole costume…

“That is some pretty awesome marketing. Alan Moore can eat it. /No, really.”

“We are the only industry that so loves its Colonel Parkers and so distrusts its Elvis Presleys.” — Tom Spurgeon.

I’m usually totally on Moore’s side, and I’m a big fan of his work, but there’s an evil side of me that thinks it would just be a total laugh riot to send him one of these.
Just like that “Watchmen Babies” thing from the Simpsons would have been a thousand times funnier as a practical joke played on him; ie actually making the thing as a mock up cover, and showing it to him while claiming that it was something that DC was actually going ahead with, and filming his reaction, rather than just a sitcom gag that he was already in on.

why should my penis save a vagina it no longer has any stake in?

I think all the babymen who think of Alan Moore as some sort of bad person for his stance and Watchmen are hysterical. You guys truly don’t get anything, do you? I’m willing to bet the babymen crowd doesn’t understand any of what Watchmen is about. If they did, they wouldn’t be giddy about wanting a movie and toys and bed sheets and everything else.

I mean, seriously, has anyone ever been all up in arms because there isn’t a movie for Gravity’s Rainbow? No, you know why? Because literary fans understand the stuff they read and don’t have some bizarre emotional attachment to it.

To be fair, plenty of literary fans have bizarre emotional attachments to the books they read.

Bizarre emotional attachment to a man wearing a piece of shape shifting lingerie over his face while wearing a trenchcoat & fighting crime? Why, whatever do you mean?

Gravity’s Rainbow was OK but missing some fight scenes IMO.

Alan Moore is obviously in the right on all of this stuff.

There’s no “You guys” on this comment thread. Only one (one!) person here has said anything actively anti-Moore, everyone else has mostly just been joking around. My own suggestion was given with the caveat that I’m on Moore’s side ethically, I just thought it was something that would be funny because outraged people make me laugh, as I’m just kind of a dick that way.

Jack Norris, I want to clarify that I was not joking.

Seriously, why should my penis save a vagina it no longer has any stake in?

I’m kinda in love with you, captain trips. so you and your penis can do it for me.

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