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Batman & Robin is ‘like David Lynch doing the Batman TV show’

From "Batman & Robin" #1

From "Batman & Robin" #1

More details have begun to trickle out about Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely’s run on the new series Batman & Robin, finally confirmed yesterday by DC Comics.

In a brief interview with, Morrison describes the title “as the next book in what will be a five-volume series beginning [with] ‘Batman & Son’,” the 2006 Batman story arc that introduced Damian Wayne as the son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul.

Compared to “Batman & Son” and “Batman RIP,” Morrison says Batman & Robin is “maybe more poppy, and more colourful, but it’s also creepier.”

“It’s like David Lynch doing the Batman TV show,” he says.

There are more details at the link, of course.

The interview was conducted by email, so there aren’t any follow-up questions. That leaves at least one of Morrison’s statements — “Frank Quitely’s coming back to the book to wrap up our year-long storyline …” — open to interpretation.

I take it to mean, somewhat disappointingly, that Quitely will draw the first and fourth arcs, with other artists handling the middle two. Given the speed at which Quitely works, that’s certainly understandable — expected, even — but disappointing nonetheless.

Hopefully, more information will be revealed in the coming days.

Batman & Robin will debut in June.



So what are the five volumes?

1. “Batman & Son”
2. “The Resurrection of Ra’s Al Ghul”?
3. “The Black Glove”?
4. “R.I.P.”?
5. “Batman & Robin”?

I’m probably wrong, because it doesn’t sound like “Batman and Robin” is the final volume.

When I first heard Morrison was coming to the Batman book a few years ago, I had hoped he would do something for Batman like he did for X-Men. To me it looks like its happening.

Oh my God Oh my God Oh my God Oh my God Can’t wait Can’t wait Can’t wait Can’t wait

“Frank Quitely’s coming back to the book to wrap up our year-long storyline …” — open to interpretation.

That’s not open to interpretation. There will be four 3 part storylines for the year. Quitely will do the first and last 3 issues. Tan is doing 3 and so is Mahnke. This isnt new information.

“…maybe more poppy, and more colourful, but it’s also creepier.”

“It’s like David Lynch doing the Batman TV show,”

Disliked those descriptions as it was basically Morrison telling us it will be both ends of the spectrum, which is pure hyperbole and meaningless.

Now that’s some diegetic goddamn sound!

I hope JH Williams III draws one of the arcs. I can imagine him milking that funky new Hoverbat for all it is graphically worth.

Time for me to start playing catch-up (Batch-up?), in any case.

Oh, hey, re: Quitely’s shading on the cover – shades (pfft) of Joe Kubert?


@ matthew

Rich johnston said the other two artists will be philip tan and doug manhnke.

Carroll, that was my question too.

I wonder if “Ra’s” counts, since he really only contributed as part of a team of crossover creators.
In his mind.

Likewise, he’s said that he considers RIP to conclude in FINAL CRISIS, too, so I wonder if that’s rolled in, or included separately.

In his mind, t may run more like:

1) Batman & Son/Resurrection of Ra’s al Ghul
2) Black Glove
3) Batman R.I.P./Final Crisis
4) Batman & Robin
5) ?!

Notice he only says it’s the “next” part of a five volume novel, not the “last”….

Simon DelMonte

March 11, 2009 at 3:58 pm

I’ll bring the coffee and the pie.

I doubt Ra’s counts, since as Chris points out he did say “next’.

And plus he only wrote about 2 issue sout of what was it, 6 or 7 parts? Sounds alot mor elike a shoehorned-in crossover than Morrison’s own idea.

And consider, if Batman and Robin doesn’t deal with Bruce Wayne, than who else will? That’s most likely going to be Morrison’s final book since he was the one who put Bruce in the Omega Sanction to begin with, possibly to reserve him for later.

You know, I’m wondering if this Batman may not be actually Hush, considering we know based on Tim Seeley’s poster he’s supposed to be hanging around Damien.

But we’ll see when the book comes out.

David Lynch isn’t all he’s cracked up to be. And the Batman TV show…uhmmm….cheese.

So, he’s saying it will be nonsensical cheese.


Correction to what I said earlier, I mean Tony Daniel, not Tim Seeley. Obviously had him on the brain from the story on the main page.

Who says this takes place now? Maybe it’s an important untold span of time pre RIP? That may not be Damien, also I kind of see 664-683 plus FC as one volume…maybe 2 at the max.


March 11, 2009 at 8:58 pm

this could be the most amazing thing for batman in a long time!

…side comment: between some of the exclusives, early previews, and the like, I feel like DC and Marvel are pushing into IGN as their new Newsarama, the place where they do a lot of their early-straight forward p.r. news. I’ll jaunt over there once in awhile and be surprised by some of the spoiler heavy covers, and early issue news-previews they have up. There site layout is cramped, so I don’t frequent (love you CBR, lol).

Sorry, one last pester…does FQ or does FQ not draw the best fabric folds in clothes in all of comics?

DC people at cons have said that Hush is not involved with BftC in any form, plus Morrison said in his IGN interview that this Batman would be more light-hearted and spontaneous and Robin would be all scowling and badass so Batman couldn’t be Jason Todd and definitely not Hush and Robin is definitely Damien. At least in this title, if you ask me, I’d say that over in Winick’s Batman, it will Jason Todd. Two Batmans, it’s possible.

Anyone who actually has any familiarity with David Lynch beyond “he’s weird” knows that Morrison’s statement makes perfect sense. Lynch has a fascination with exploring the strange, dark or creepy side of ’50s Americana. It seems to me that Morrison is saying he plans to do the same with respect to the ’60s camp Batman TV show. It sounds like an interesting idea in principal, but I don’t know how much of it will come across in an in-continuity project set in the modern day and intended to serve as the tent-pole of DC’s Batman line.

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