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BOOM! teams with Kable for newsstand distribution

The Incredibles

The Incredibles

In an effort to get their new Disney/Pixar titles “into the hands of every child out there,” BOOM! has teamed with Kable Distribution Services for a national newsstand distribution agreement for their BOOM! Kids imprint (which got a new website this week as well).

The deal includes newsstand distribution for their Incredibles, Cars and Muppet Show comics.

“We want to get our line of Pixar/Disney comics into the hands of every child out there,” said Ross Richie, publisher of BOOM! Studios, in a very short press release. “Working with KDS, who has a strong record with handling kids comics in the newsstand market, I am confident that we will meet that goal.”



I hope that this is big a deal as I suspect it could be. At any rate, it’s a start on getting more comics in front of more kids, which doesn’t seem like a bad thing in any way, shape or form.

What a novel approach. BOOM want to put relatively inexpensive Disney comics for kids at grocery stores where parents can buy their kids books. It definitely beats the Gladstone approach of “let’s make Disney comics too expensive for kids and available only to fanboys at the rapidly disappearing comic book stores”.

A correction. I should have said Gemstone, not Gladstone. The “prestige format” that Gemstone uses is an idiotic way to print Disney comics.

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