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Final Crisis

Final Crisis

Publishing | Yen Press has confirmed the release dates for volumes 6-8 of Kiyohiko Azuma’s Yotsuba&!, the popular comedy series previously published by ADV Manga: Vol. 6, September; Vol. 7, December; Vol. 8, April 2010. Yen Press announced at New York Comic Con that it had acquired the license to the offbeat manga. [Yen Press, Anime News Network]

Creators | Laura Hudson talks to Grant Morrison about Final Crisis, “Batman R.I.P,” event comics, and the high expectations of fandom: “A lot of artists are naturally wary of fan pressure and the excessive criticism that come with a higher profile, so they put their all into a project, knowing that if they do less than the best they’re capable of, 50 jeering bastards on the Internet will turn up to personally insult them.” [Comic Foundry, reposted from the Spring 2009 issue]

Creators | Wind up Alan Moore and watch him go (Part 27): “Much as I love the medium, I despise the industry. I’ve always despised it to a certain degree but after this last few years and all this nonsense with the films, I believe it to be a completely poisonous place that isn’t really going anywhere. I did once feel I was part of a movement that wanted to change comics into something was valuable to culture, but I don’t really feel that kinship in the way I used to.” [The Guardian]

Publishing | Chris Ryall, editor-in-chief and publisher of IDW Publishing, discusses moving the company away from the horror niche, signing author Joe Hill, and his new series with Ben Templesmith Groom Lake. [The Cult]

Creators | Our own Chris Mautner posts the full interview he conducted with writer Ed Brubaker before the release of Incognito #1. [Panels and Pixels]

Creators |’s Lev Grossman chats with annotator extraordinaire Jess Nevins. [Nerd World]

Publishing | Why isn’t DC Comics promoting the return of Milestone Comics? [4thletter!]

Publishing | James Hunt traces the short history of the President Obama comic-book covers. [Den of Geek]

Best of 2008 | Tom Spurgeon breaks out his list, conveniently divided into categories. [The Comics Reporter]

Fandom | John Thomas goes shopping for manga in Osaka, Japan. [Mecha Mecha Media]

Fandom | The most interesting part of this awkward — okay, awful — article is the bit about the guy who returned to comics because of “Batman R.I.P.” Take that, naysayers! [2theadvocate]

Comics | “The 10 Worst Comic Book Vacation Destinations.” [Topless Robot]



And Spurgeon’s list is heavily tilted toward Fantagraphics. Hooda thunk it? Acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Great Morrison interview, as always, though he does hit again on some topics he’s harped on in past interviews (the paper people, the holographic mindspace, annoyance with Hollywood comics). I found the article on the comics resurgence, and particularly, the 26 year old pseudointellectual whom RIP “brought back into comics” pretty amusing, since I can’t for one second imagine that he understood it beyond some skindeep conception of its plot. Batman RIP didn’t bring him back into comics. He just didn’t want to sound like some asshole who came running to the comicshop right after Dark Knight. Still, whatever pays Morrisons bills, I guess.

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