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Exclusive: Marc Silvestri’s Invincible Iron Man #14 cover

Invincible Iron Man #14 cover, by Marc Silvestri

Invincible Iron Man #14 cover, by Marc Silvestri

Thanks to our pals at Marvel Comics, we are pleased to present the exclusive debut of the Invincible Iron Man #14 variant cover by none other than Marc Silvestri!

Continuing the next chapter in Matt Fractions “World’s Most Wanted” storyline, this issue features Tony Stark on the run from his rogues gallery — and the big bad guy in the Marvel Universe, Norman Osborn! Invincible Iron Man #14 hits stores this June.

Be sure to catch this issue in its glorious variant cover by the Top Cow himself, Marc Silvestri.

Click on the image at the right to see it full size.



very nice, Marc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like it. Has Mark ever drawn Iron Man before?

Now that’s the Iron Man I know and love

That is the best of the armors. I started reading Ironman as a kid when Rhodey was in the armor. Just before that god awful silver armor. I wish to god they’d go back to this look instead of that Transformer looking thing.

Russell Williams

March 13, 2009 at 1:18 pm

Dear Mr. Silverstri


I think Silvestri drew Iron Man very briefly in the Revenge of the Living Monolith GN, but that was long before he developed his current style.

I hate it when they go back to ancient armors. Yuck! Iron Man should be the most modern of heroes, not the most nostalgic.

Silvestri is one of my idols, his artwork is always great.

very cool cover, but didn’t Tony just do the stroll down armor memory lane in last years Mandarin arc in Iron Man Director of SHIELD?

I’ve never been enamored with this armor, my favorites are the Modern (hopefully he gets back to that soon) and Silver Centurion.

I wouldn’t mind seeing an old school looking armor as his new armor but it ought to have seems in the arms. It should look like it could actually be worn in real life and you can move around in it. Those gold arms and legs of the suit there look like they shouldn’t be able to bend because they’re one solid piece of metal.

Maybe he ought to have all new armor, or an armor that looks just like his armor in the movie. It’s not that different from his previous armor but you can tell the difference between the two.

Don’t get over nostaligic people.

This is the 70’s/80’s armor. Well, it still looks tight & classic, but things just like in real life modernize. Yes of course you can say “that’s a beauty” to a 1960 Ferrari but you know you’ll be better getting an Enzo or an FXX to drive. Extremis armor is fitting for today’s Iron Man and I want to see a new, more modern Iron Man suit at the end of World Most Wanted.

Looks like Gene Colan.

Re: Josh’s post at 7:07 pm

If you had done some research on the actual structure of the IM armors since the original red/gold suit(s), you would know that the arms, legs & abdomen are not “one solid piece of metal.” The entire armor is composed of extraordinarily sophisticated microscopic (probably nanoscopic in the more recent suits) chain mail which have several layers providing different suit functions. Look it up.

Man I wish he’d pencil a series again.

Could he have spent more than one hour drawing this? I sure hope they didn’t have to pay him too much for that cover.

Hmm, not bad; the inks seem to be a bit rough but hot bad at all.

Good think his butt’s armored, because it looks like he’s about to get gang banged by those things.

old school armor.. personally, i’d like to see the Silver armor…

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