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Farscape: 10 years and still going strong



Today marks the 10th anniversary of the cult hit Farscape, and while the TV show may be over, the comic continues. In fact, BOOM! Studios announced today that the first issue of their first Farscape mini-series has gone into a third printing.

“We were blown away by the reaction to the first printing of FARSCAPE #1,” said Editor-in-Chief Mark Waid in a press release. “So when we went to a second print, we were pretty darn happy. We cannot believe that we have sold completely out of all of that now!”

The third printing is due in stores April 8. In addition, in celebration of the anniversary, the Henson Company is selling a limited edition T-shirt. It’s only available today, so be sure to order it before midnight if you want one.

Update #1: The Henson Company has extended T-shirt sales through Sunday.

Update #2: BOOM! sent out another press release today announcing a third printing of issue #2 of Farscape.



Matthew Stockfarleysolomonburger

March 19, 2009 at 3:49 pm

What ever happened to those webisodes we were promised. This comic series is limited. Its annoying having only a few issues to enjoy. I doubt a ongoing will launch. Even then its more likely to get cancelled with these bad economic conditions.

While I can’t comment on the webisodes… the comic is a series of limited series. The next one up is FARSCAPE STRANGE DETRACTORS! Then we also have a D’argo mini too!



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