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Hero Initiative reveals new comics projects, ‘director’s cut’ video

Matt Price continued to report news and announcements from the annual ComicsPRO meeting in Memphis over the weekend; you can read his updates both at the Nerdage blog and The ComicsPRO blog. During the meeting, the Hero Initiative announced two fund-raising projects that comics fans should enjoy: a Wolverine “100 Covers” project (similar to the Spider-Man and Hulk cover projects) and Hero Comics, an anthology that will include a new American Flagg! story by Howard Chaykin, as well as contributions from Gene Colan and Josh Medors. The anthology, which is being organized by IDW’s Scott Dunbier, is due in August.

Speaking of the Hero Initiative, the organization released a promotional video about their organization, which ran a little more than a minute. Now they’ve put out a longer version, which runs about five minutes:


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Taking care of old creators who got conned by evil publishers is one thing – but these new guys working for slave wages, paycheck to paycheck, are ruining the industry. If they disappeared tomorrow, professionals could get higher wages, and be able to afford healthcare and retirement savings. If you can’t make a living doing what you’re doing, get a new profession. Hero Initiative is reinforcing irresponsible behavior.

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