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Hornschemeier, Pope, Rugg and more in Marvel anthology

Because I was at WonderCon, I missed this past weekend’s MyCup ‘o Joe when it popped up on MySpace, but Paul Hornschemeier points out a question from a fan about Marvel’s upcoming “indie project,” for lack of a better name (and I’m sure there is one) that’ll feature stories by Hornschemeier, Jim Rugg, Stan Sakai, Paul Pope and, holy crap, Jason, among others:

Paul Pope draws the Marvel Universe

Paul Pope draws the Marvel Universe

At the New York Comic Con, CB Cebulski mentioned that the Marvel “Indie Project” was coming along nicely. I’m wondering if you could tell us any of the talent involved or tease some artwork. Anyone in particular you are stoked to have on board?

JQ: It’s definitely moving forward—and looking better and better every day. There are some huge names in indy comics involved with this project and we couldn’t be more excited about the work they’re turning in. Just to name a few of the talents involved, we’ve got Paul Pope, Stan Sakai, Paul Hornschemeier, Dash Shaw, Junko Mizuno, Jim Rugg, Corey Lewis…and a bunch more small press superstars contributing some truly amazing stories. We just got some outstanding pages in from the cartoonist JASON and I gotta tell you, this is going to be one awesome book. Stay tuned! has several sample pages, including one from Hornschemeier’s Nightcrawler/Molecule Man story and Rugg’s Machine Man story.



How long has this thing been in development…I recall reading about a Marvel “indie” project almost two years ago. Nevertheless, I’m excited about he prospect of Dash Shaw doing some quirky superhero stuff. And of course, anything by Paul Pope is gold.

The first Bizarro Comics collection has actually held up pretty well (never read the second), so I’m pretty optimistic about this myself.

Jason is contributing? Oh fantastic! Really looking forward to this.

I’d love to see Jeffrey Brown’s Wolverine story in this.

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