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Is Andy Diggle heading to Daredevil?

Daredevil #115

Daredevil #115

Is Thunderbolts and The Losers writer Andy Diggle getting ready to take the reins on Marvel’s Daredevil?

According to a blink-and-you-missed-it comment in this week’s installment of “My Cup o’ Joe,” posted this afternoon, the answer’s yes.

In response to a reader question about the best Marvel supervillain, Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada said, in part, “we have plans for a very unexpected villain in Daredevil’s world, but this is way down the road and is a part of Andy Diggle’s big DD plans when he takes over the helm of the book.”

The entire question and comment have since been removed.

Ed Brubaker has been writing Daredevil since April 2006, when he took over for longtime scribe Brian Michael Bendis.

(via iFanboy, which received a “no comment” from Marvel)



It’s kinda funny that even the Editor-in-Chief can let certain bits of info slip. Hopefully though, this is a case of Brubaker wanted to wrap up his run and not because Marvel is forcing him off of it, though the latter sounds ridiculous in every way. Diggle seems like a good fit though.

they removed it from the interview
this surprises me. i only started reading daredevil from the start of the lady bullseye arc and to me it seemed that brubaker was building up a long 1-2 series of events from that story so this sounds a bit off to me

I would *definitely* give a Diggle Daredevil a read. Seems like a good fit.

I see that Bru/Lark DD Omnibus due in June is issues 82-105. I believe #116 is due next month. Bru would have to be on the book another year to get a second omnibus of similar thickness, and several of those scripts are probably already written. If Diggle is taking over the book down the line and plotting that now, I would guess an official announcement wouldn’t come until the fall and this was Joe Q jumping the gun.

Just speculation on my part, of course, and should be taken for nothing more.

By the way… from Diggle’s Twitter on March 6: “Plotting my Top Secret Marvel Project. You know the one I mean. Yeah, that one.” Tweet here

Rad! I’m loving Bru’s run now, seems like he’s really picked up steam in the last year, but I can hardly think of a better fit for DD than Diggle. DD truly has to be one of the most consistently well-written characters in comics, hands down!

oh that Joey Quesada, what will he do next?

Hmmm. Diggle would be great on DD. I am just curious as to why Bru might be leaving the title. Is he moving to another title? Or is this the result of that mini he is doing with Epting?

Nothing against Diggle, but I’m disappointed to hear that Brubaker will be leaving the book. It’s one of the very few Marvel books I read and I expect that I’ll be reading one less.

It’s pretty amazing how quickly Diggle’s profile has begun to grow while at Marvel. Adding Daredevil to his list of books would certainly help that along nicely. Hoping this happens and soon! Love the DIggle.

Matthew Stockfarleysolomonburger

March 14, 2009 at 10:53 am

Another “unexpected villain”. What the reincarnated Hand assasin Karen Page…Jesus..leave the death cult ninja stuff alone guys! Lets try something new! Pretty please?

Well, this is just terrible news. Brubaker was the only one who could follow the Bendis run. DD is one of my favorite books and now I’m worried it’ll go to crap.

Garrett Dollar

March 14, 2009 at 1:30 pm

Joe Q loves DD. I honestly think it’s the equivalent of a “teachers pet” at Marvel. If it wouldn’t be good, Joe wouldn’t let it happen (this only applies to DD unfortunately).

“Another “unexpected villain”. What the reincarnated Hand assasin Karen Page…Jesus..leave the death cult ninja stuff alone guys! Lets try something new! Pretty please?”

Errm… do you have top secret insider information? Or are you just being completely random and dismissing something without the slightest idea of what you are talking about?

If it is the former, please: do tell! If the later: give it a rest.

Does this mean we get Jock on art?

Or at least covers?

Marvel has a smart business pattern of taking their top-selling books, recognizing what the team is on those books, letting them run on those books for quite a long time, and then eventually, at some point down the road, making a big change:

They put those teams that are selling the big books onto titles that are failing, titles that have very low sales numbers. And on the big books that were both selling well and being well done? They hand those books off to either new talent, rising stars, or old but famous hacks. The idea is that since the book is doing so well at that point, it will take the readers at least a six-issue arc to decide whether or not they like the new team on the book. And Marvel has made their money, whether the book is great or crap. It’s a great business plan.

I hope that Diggle does well with Daredevil especially after the Smith/Bendis/Brubaker run. I’m happy they’re not handing it to an old heavy-handed hack like they do so often (you know who I’m talking about) because it means the book still has high hopes.

I love Ed Brubaker, but nothing lasts forever. He has to move on someday. And with the way Marvel plans ahead, this change could easily be over a year away.

Good lord I hope so. Daredevil has been unreadable for almost five years.

“Good lord I hope so. Daredevil has been unreadable for almost five years.” Tim Vojta

Don’t get your hopes up. Daredevil stories tend to fall into two categories.
1. Frank Miller
2. wannabe Frank Miller.

Just once I would like to see a Marvel writer say “Screw this wannabe Frank Miller noir crap.” and give us a RADICAL DEPARTURE from the norm. Look at what Bendis did with the Avengers.

And how about getting an artist whose style isn’t so stiff, posed and lifeless.

“Good lord I hope so. Daredevil has been unreadable for almost five years.”

Don’t get your hopes up. Daredevid stories tend to fall into two categories.
1.Frank Miller
2. Wannabe Frank Miller.

Just once I would like a writer to say “Screw this wannabe noir Frank Miller stuff” and give us a Radical Departure from the norm. Shake things up.

whoops, meant to say “Daredevil”. I better get my rest.

Ah man. I thought the first post I made wasn’t going to show up. My bad.

Hey, Anthony, during the 90’s they tried to get DD away from the dark noir hiring guys like Karl Kesel and Joe Kelly to give more of a swashbuckling feel.

Of course, it was not working and they gave the book to Kevin Smith and Joe Quesada…

Hmm, I was sure that Marvel was going to give DD to Greg Rucka and Clay Mann after they both did fantastic work on the title this past year.

for crying out loud, will DC give some appropriate work to Diggle please!!

Well, if Diggle does take over I’ll definitely be reading it. I had doubts when he took over Thundernolts but so far that comics hass been fantastic.

If things are changing, Clay Mann would be an excellent choice for art!

Tim Vojta
March 14, 2009 at 9:08 pm
“Good lord I hope so. Daredevil has been unreadable for almost five years.”

Only if you have terrible taste.

i will find this a bit of a sad change, Bru’s DD has been almost insanely consistant and Lark’s are is amazing month in and month out ~ i’ll even go out on a limb and say i like Bru’s DD MORE than his Cap!!!

but all good things must come to an end, and i get the feeling Bru may be getting deeper into Hollywood writing… or he may be getting too expensive for Marvel to keep him on a mid-tier book…

i’ve got nothing against Diggle, his Thunderbolts has been solid, but hasn’t exactly been thrilling me either ~ not sure i’d follow a change of creators on DD since it’s the creators i’m more into than the character…

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