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Join the Wolfpack and do the Unthinkable

Join the Wolfpack

Join the Wolfpack

To help promote their recently solicited title Unthinkable by Mark Sable and Julian Totino Tedesco, BOOM! Studios has launched an Altered Reality Game at The Wolfpack, it seems, is a Blackwater-type organization that “provides security for a variety of clients, from public high schools and churches to doctors and diplomats providing aid in warzones. We protect oil refineries and refugee camps alike. Whether you are a single cub or a large yet vulnerable herd, we can meet all your security needs. Thus, our motto: The Strength of The Wolf is The Pack.”

I signed up at the site, and it said the game kicks off March 9 — so sign up before then to play.



Um, is an Altered Reality Game different from an Alternate Reality Game? I was more familiar with the latter term used for this sort of thing…

Both terms are in use. “Altered” fit this better than “alternative!”

Either way, this should be fun!


Yeah…I said the same thing to Chip and he proved me wrong. I hope you all give it a try, and let me know how your experience is.

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