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Kathryn Immonen, Sara Pichelli to take over Runaways [Update]

Runaways #11

Runaways #11

To make its latest creative-team announcement, Marvel Comics turned to television — specifically, G4’s Attack of the Show.

In yesterday’s episode, host Blair Butler announced that writer Kathryn Immonen (Patsy Walker: Helcat) and artist Sara Pichelli (NYX) will pick up Runaways after Terry Moore and Humberto Ramos end their run in April. David Lafuente (Ultimate Spider-Man) will provide the covers.

Butler showed glimpses of art from the premiere issue and teased, “Marvel promises that one Runaway will die in the new story arc, and one might live again.”

Presumably the new team debuts with Issue 11, whose creative lineup and content is listed as “classified” in the solicitations for June.

You can watch Butler’s “Fresh Ink” segment after the break.

Update: Lafuente posts links on Twitter to his covers for issues 11 and 12.



Actually, Runaways #11 was indeed solicited for June, and it’s hitting the last week. Here’s the solicit as Marvel released it (


Penciled by CLASSIFIED



32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

There is an issue of Runaways solicited for June, but everything is listed as “Classified”.

So excited for this…Kathryn Immomen is Marvel’s greatest new secret talent, Hellcat was probably my second or favorite series from them last year…and I like the Sara Pichelli’s pages I’ve seen online for NYX, this will definitely bring me back to the book.

I’m not sure how to fell about this. I’ve heard good things about Hellcat. Then again, I’ve heard good things about Strangers In Paradise and Moore’s first Runaways arc so bad that I dropped the book. I also feel like Marvel aren’t really doing themselves any favors by hiding the creative team on the solicits.

arc WAS so bad

Gah, I wish I could edit my posts

Hell yes!

I’ve been waiting for Pichelli to land a series, and she’s ideal for Runaways. Her work displays a great range of emotion, and she nailed the youthful, contemporary appearances of the NYX cast in her fill-in pages.

I had already planned to pick up Runaways #10 for the “Molly meets the X-Men” story. Looks like I’ll be sticking around.

Not exactly crazy about what I’ve read of Kathryn Immonen’s work, but the Pichelli artwork looks great, so I guess we’ll see. LaFuente’s stuff is okay, but Marvel just seems unreasonably crazy about him right now.

But all that doesn’t really matter, because I’m too distracted by New Mutants Classic vol.4 getting praised. “F*****g awesome,” indeed!

Beautiful covers. Too bad Lafuente isn’t doing the insides as he made Immonen’s Hellcat mini gorgeous, but from what I’ve seen of Pichelli I won’t be disappointed.

I’ve never read anything with either one of them before. So I have a mix of excitement, and Worry.

…… It seems That Im the only one who’s been enjoying the new volume?

I’m going to put it this way: If Gert lives again, I will buy every issue of Runaways again.
I honestly have lacked motivation to read Runaways without her.

At least Chase is back to looking like Chase, and not a linebacker.

Hellcat started great, but down the crapper mid-series.

I’m not sure how I feel about KI getting this title.

Loved Hellcat, loved NYX, liked Terry Moore’s run fairly well but I miss Xavian now
I’m definitely looking forward to Kathryn Immonen’s new run on the book because from what I’ve seen she’s an absolutely brilliant writer, but I’m not at all thrilled about the announcement of a character’s death, I think that using that sort of announcement to generate sales is just in bad taste… though I guess how much I’m bothered by it would depend on which one it is that dies.

They are killing someone again!!! D:
It better not be Karolina.

So… As someone who bought Vaughan’s run of Runaways in the digest format (I got them for my daughter, and then I got hooked on them too!) I’ve been wanting to continue but I heard so many bad things about Moore’s run I decided to stay away. Does anyone know if this new team’s run will be a clean break from Moore?

I second the opinion that if Gert’s revived, my daughter and I are back on board. I wonder who’s on the chopping block though.

I can honestly say that bringing Gert back would be one of the few things that could get me to stop reading this book. She deserves more then that.

Let the dead rest.

“Promising” to kill off a character, Marvel? Is that really what you think people read Runaways for? The art looks nice, and Immonen might be a good writer, but I’m not tempted by a run that’s going to start off by killing a character. How much worse can it get?


May 7, 2009 at 6:14 pm

If they kill off another character, they’ve officially jumped the shark. I hope whoever dies gets revived, because I’m not gonna buy the new story arc if they aren’t.


June 24, 2009 at 10:09 pm

Aggh I can’t believe they killed off Gert! I literally cried my eyes out! You son of a bi%$es! Aghhh *sob*


June 24, 2009 at 10:12 pm

Hey im asking, DID THEY BRING BACK gERT??

Well I haven’t read Hellcat, but in Runaways issue 10, I like Pichellis art, and it is a BIG improvement on Ramos’s art style. I have been hooked on Runaways, since the beginning, so I am sticking around till the end. Overall I hope this boosts sells for the series, so all you cheap bastards buy the books and issues, to keep the series going, unless it sucks, if that happens then… I got nothing.

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