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Marvel delays release of Thor and The Avengers movies

Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios

Fans of Thor and The Avengers will have to wait another year to see the Marvel superheroes on the big screen.

Marvel Studios announced this morning that Thor, originally scheduled for July 2010, now will be released on June 17, 2011. The ensemble Avengers, initially set for July 2011, now will kick off the summer-movie season on May 4, 2012.

The company also shifted The First Avenger: Captain America from May 6, 2011, to July 22, 2011. The original release date conflicted with Sony Pictures’ Spider-Man 4, which Marvel confirmed will open on May 6, 2011.

“This new schedule strongly sequences Marvel’s movie debut dates, big-screen character introductions and momentum,” Marvel Studios Chairman David Maisel said in a press release. “It maximizes the visibility of our single character-focused films, leading to the highly anticipated release of the multi-character The Avengers film in 2012.”

So, the Marvel Studios slate is as follows:

Iron Man 2 — May 7, 2010 (unchanged)
Thor — June 17, 2011
The First Avenger: Captain America — July 22, 2011
The Avengers — May 4, 2012



It doesn’t surprise me. They haven’t made any headway in direction, acting and probably writing.


March 12, 2009 at 8:53 am

I’m no industry insider (comics or movies), but don’t count on Iron Man 2 being released on May 7, 2010 — which is “just” 14 months from now.

Aw man, but the world’s going to end in 2012!

Not if The Avengers can help it!

noooo!!!!!!!! i mean, it’s not awful… it’s just not as awesome. i was telling everyone how Captain America was gonna come out and how he’ll be frozen in the ice at the end… then BAM! one month later Avengers comes out and it starts with them unfreezing Cap!!! it was going to be an awesome experiment in superhero film continuity. it will still work, but a year apart is totally different.

So you think Captain America will take place in WW2 and Avengers will start with finding his body? That would be a really amazing way to structure the movies. It would really make them feel continuous and all a part of the same world. It would be pretty crazy to see some WW2 Cap and Bucky action Vs. The Red Skull or Zemo. So who else will appear as an Avenger aside from Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor?

I am guessing Ant Man/Giant Man and The Wasp, maybe The Hulk.

“Aw man, but the world’s going to end in 2012!”

Yes, but on Dec 22– so you might even be able to get The Avengers on Blu-Ray just before it all comes to a screeching halt.

‘Delayed’ is a little harsh. These movies were more or less announced and slated for a generic time frame without even any kind of story, actors or directors attached to it. But I guess that’s the only way to really phrase it and it’s definitely catchier than ‘repositioned’ or whatever you could put in there. I just dislike hte negative connotation attached to delay everyone is using for this when the movies couldnt even really be considered locked in for those dates.

Don’t worry, the world’s not due to end until December 2012 according to those wacky Mayans.

step by step, first Iron Man 2 then The Avengers…


Oh, please….make them…stop. I can’t handle another iffy superhero movie.

Doesn’t ANYONE recall what a BAD, BAD book Iron Man was through MOST of it’s run? Sure, “Demon in the Bottle”, Jack of Hearts, MAYBE Armor Wars…but everything else was PAINFUL. The Mandarin? Oooh, he’s got TEN RINGS!!! Come on!!!

Roller skates? Madam Masque? The Freak? The Unicorn? Sub-Zero? ALWAYS running short on power..ALWAYS!!! Here’s one: Whiplash in an S/M bondage mask? You gotta actually READ the source material.

And Thor…who thinks Thor is going to work? Really who? Vote NOW. The first era of Thor is essentially Rex Morgan MD combined with Jack Kirby freak-out. How well has that translated to the big screen? Yeah that 40-foot tall purple Galactus worked well…oh, that’s RIGHT, they pussed out on that. But that Silver Surfer was…oh, that’s right…that wasn’t any good either. Anyone expecting a Simonson/Beta Ray Bill slant I’d wager will be sorely disappointed.

So WHAT exactly are you anxiously awaiting? Another corruption of our cool, little inbred club? ANT-MAN? Daredevil II? ANOTHER try at the Hulk? Those two movies make the TV show look like Bergmann.

I don’t get it. Marvel can’t make a decent adaption, Warners puts out ONLY Batman (they won’t even greenlight Wonder Woman. How many YEARS has it been now?) Supeman isn’t even liked by the people who MADE it….WHAT do you think we’re gonna get?

It’s SAD that The Incredibles is better than the last TEN adaptions of existing comics material.

I’d rather see Westerns return than another script from the hack-masters of Hollywood.


… IRON MAN may not have a great book but it WAS a good movie.


“… IRON MAN may not have a great book but it WAS a good movie…”

That’s ONE for TEN.

How bout Spiderman 3? Was that “good”?

I know I always expect Spidey to let Sandman flee because he committed crimes FOR THE RIGHT REASON.



Uh, Kirth? ONE for TEN? You’re ignoring Spider-Man 2, one of the most well-reviewed comic movies of all time, alongside The Dark Kngiht. Or Spider-Man 1, which was great. The Hulk reboot was really good, hugely fun. X2 was an awesome movie.

It’s ok if you don’t like them, but don’t act all shocked that people are excited. Iron Man was great. One of the best comic book movies ever. Hulk was really good. Those were the first two taht Marvel did themselves, and now that is why people are excited for these new ones.

Marvel didn’t make Spider-Man 3. Sony did. It’s unfair to pretend that Thor will suck because Spider-Man 3 did.

Okay, so Iron Man used to not be good. But the movie was fantastic and guess what? The comic is good now. Not just good, but great. It’s been great for a few years now.

You say early Thor sucks and won’t adapt well. Yet you say early Iron man sucks, and it adapted very well. So your logic fails hard there.

” Yeah that 40-foot tall purple Galactus worked well…oh, that’s RIGHT, they pussed out on that. ”

Uh, no. They didn’t. Fox did. This is the problem: you’re typing this without knowing what you’re talking about. At all. You can’t say Thor will suck because Fantastic Four sucked. Different people are making them. And the people making Iron Man have only done two so far. One was well-received (Hulk), the other was amazingly-received (Iron Man).

“It’s SAD that The Incredibles is better than the last TEN adaptions of existing comics material. ”

Uh, so now The Dark Knight isn’t an amazing movie? What is wrong with you?

Matthew Stockfarleysolomonburger

March 13, 2009 at 11:39 am

Three movies in one year? I don’t they’ll pull this off without delaying Spiderman to possibly Thanksgiving or Christmas of that year to take full advantage of the box office.



Let’s see…where to start. A LIST. That sounds good. A list. I won’t go TOO far back. Just the LAST TEN. As I stated above.

1) Blade Trinity. A red, hot mess.

2) Elektra. Yer defending these movies, right?

3) Fantastic Four. The whole scene on the bridge added up to WHAT again? Okay…The Thing is a hooker with a heart of gold and Jessica Alba gets naked to use her “powers”? It’s ART I tell you!!!!!

3A) Man-Thing. Hehehe. Straight to video.

4) X-Men: Last Stand. Kelsey Grammer is who I ALWAYS HOPED would play the Beast. It’s PURE GOLD. So WHY did Magneto move the Golden Gate bridge? WHY again? Oh, that’s right. So there could be a big CGI momment. Of course. How STUPID of me. And I was looking for a STORY.

5) Ghost Rider…I see your point “Jeff”, THIS is an instant classic.

6) Spider Man 3…as I said. I expect Spidey to empathize with the Sandman. After his little daughter WAS SICK. Boo hoo.

7) Fantasic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer….somewhat LESS than thrilling. Objections?

8) Iron Man……very entertaining…although in the climactic scene Iron Man is a bystander, isn’t he?

9) The Incredible Hulk…..hmmm…..better than the other one….or WAS it? As I said Bill Bixby is Max von Sydow compared to Little Eddy Norton.

10) Punisher War zone…..hehehe…no comment required.

Sorry, honey……Daredevil, Spider Man I & II, X-Men I & II, and the first Hulk were more than ten movies ago. I DID add Man-Thing because of it’s sheer stupidity. So that’s the LAST ELEVEN MOVIES FROM MARVEL.

Now for DC. Much easier.

1) Batman and Robin. Here’s a tone poem:. “Nipples. Leather. Frosty fingers. Uma and Bane. Now I die.”

2) The League of Extraordianry Gentlemen. Lion and tigers and bears…OH MY!!!!

3) Catwoman. ummm……ahh….I’M at a loss for words? How did that happen? Rather, how did this movie happen? There were adults who provided the money to buy the film, right? Or was this some student art project?

4) Constantine. Bwah-hahah-ahaha!!! Is that TOO descriptive?

5) Batman Begins. Inoffensive. But they should have called it McGruff, the Crime Bat Begins.

6) V for Vendetta. Hated it. The comic had a slim ray of hope in the resistance against Fascism. None here. The context of the action was skewed to reflect 9/11. Whcih REALLY MISSES the POINT.

7) Superman Returns. Hmm. Five words: Super-baby kills a man. As I said above, the people who made it hate it.

8) Batman: Dark Knight. People liked it. I thought it was a bloated mess that went on for 20 minutes longer than I cared to watch. By the way…how many times did we have to hear a character monologue about “Gotham and its Protector”? Was that once or FOUR TIMES? And the ferry scene, that added up to WHAT? Was that NOTHING or NEXT TO NOTHING? Also threatening a 9-year with death in front of his father, in a movie 9-year olds were watching was tasteless. But EDGY!!! And Batman ending the movie perceived by Gotham as a murderer…PURE GENIUS. It can ONLY go up from there!!!!!!

9 The Spirit. Ho hum. I can’t kick a handicapped movie when its down. IF ONLY Eisner could have seen it. Just THINK!!!

10) Watchmen. I liked it, but I’m a fan. Straight people don’t seem to care.

Did I miss anything? Was I too harsh? Should I have only picked the movies with a glimmer of content?

Like JD Salinger once wrote: “Phoney people. Phoney lives.” Or was that Jeff Smith?


It’s true that many movies made from marvel comics have sucked, but the past year or so has been pretty good. Plus, the reason Iron Man and Incredible Hulk were good may be because they were actually produced by Marvel instead of other companies. I’m willing to forgive some earlier flops and be optimistic. At the same time, comic adaptations are just adaptations and I won’t go into these expecting too much.




Oh, goodness. How much abuse will you takebefore you say, “STOP BEATING ME, DADDY!!!”

It that ONE more bad movie or two? Five? Will you be okay if the next Batman movie is good and the next five Marvel ones are garbage?



yondaime hokage

March 14, 2009 at 5:33 pm

@ kirth

Hey man…I don’t get where all this negativity is coming from. If you don’t like the movies, DON’T WATCH, stick to the comic books. If you don’t like the comic books (for one reason or another), then why are you even bothering your time reading comics in the first place? Just go find another hobby or something…like knitting.

although I do admit that they royally screwed up on Spider-Man 3. BUT they did a pretty awesome job on Spider-Man 2.

Doesn’t it seem that we all know that one guy at our LCBS that complains about every book he’s reading or every movie he sees. Seriously, isn’t he fun? You know what i would love to see? A “to catch a predator”-esque show where guys like Kirth are made to look foolish before being tackled on the sidewalk in front of a comic shop….not because they’ve done anything illegal, but just because they’re douche-bags!


Okay. My critiques come from LOVE.

Unlike YOU (obviously) I HAVE SEEN all of these movies. And I’ve watched the 1940s Captain Marvel and Captain America anongst others.

Blah, blah, blah…I’ve watched the Spider-Man TV show WHEN IT WAS NEW. I watched the Bixby/Ferrigno Hulk WHEN IT WAS NEW, kids. I watched Wonder Woman NEW. And what separates the mid-70s TV shows from the late 1990s+ movies is LOVE. However hokey and lame they might be, they were NEVER pretentious, overwrought pathos. Well, okay…they were….but at least they RESEMBLED in some way the comics they were derived from.

I realize those of you who were raised, as it were, on 1990s comic books have a different point of view. The two movies you throw out reflect that SO CLEARLY. Dark Knight is nothing if not a pastiche of the 1990s Batman. X-Men films are the WORST of the 1990s Claremont la-la.

I’ve read comic books since 1973, whippersnapper. So don’t tell me, “Spider-man 2 was great.” Well, kids..what about EVERYTHING ELSE? Huh? Out of THREE X-Men movies which were alright? Watched them AGAIN, have you? I’ve seen Star Wars over 100 times but Phantom Menace TWICE. There’s a REASON for that. I can watch an entertaining BAD movie over and over, but I’ll NEVER put Dark Knight, Daredevil or Phantom Menace into my brain again.

Here’s a CHALLENGE: give me a list of the decent ones. Or don’t you have the discrimination to be able to TELL the difference?

MY POINT, if you missed it, was that the MAJORITY of these movies SUCK.

Am I wrong? Please CORRECT me, children. But don’t throw out ONE title and say I’M being negative. I’m giving an analysis of WHAT IS, not the illusionary vistas YOU seem to see.

I don’t expect Thor to be any good, but I’m willing to LOOK at it and DECIDE. The same way I suffered through Dark Knight and ….ugh…Catwoman.

But ALL I get from you is: Spider-Man 2, Spider-Man 2, as if that wipes the bitter taste of Spider-Man 3 away or any of the others I mentioned.

I’n WAITING for the good ones, those amazing expressions of the source material I keep hearing are just around the corner, JUST out of sight….but I won’t believe it TILL I SEE IT. It’s almost as if Alana Moore is RIGHT. Sequential art and motion pictures are different mediums with different ways of storytelling that are often mutually exclusive of one another.

Here’s the ones I like:

Max Fleischer’s Superman (shown in movie theatres 1940s), Barbarella, Batman (1966), Superman I & II (Richard Donner), Heavy Metal, The Flash (shown as a movie in Europe), The Crow, The Rocketeer, Batman & Batman Returns (Tim Burton), The Mask, Ghost World, Men In Black, MYSTERY MEN, Blade I, Spider-Man I & II, Sin City, 300, Iron Man, Watchmen.

That’s 23 (plus or minus). While some are FAR from perfect (The Crow being a good example). I’d watch them ALL again. And I’d suggest to others that these are worth putting 2 hours of your life toward.

So much for my unceasing negativity.

But the premise of my commentary was that “worthwhile” comic adaptions are the EXCEPTION, not the RULE.






30 Days of Night, Fritz the Cat


I liked Howard the Duck.


“You say early Thor sucks …”

No. I did not. I described the first era of Thor as Rex Morgan/Jack Kirby freak out. That was neither positive or negative. YOU filled in the “sucks” part. Thor comics can be divided into different “takes” on the character. No one would describe Simonson’s Thor as “Rex Morgan/Kirby freak-out”. At least, I wouldn’t.

I LIKE Thor, from JIM83 to somewhere in the 250s, Simonson and perhaps even a little Eric Masterson.

The last 50 issues of Thor, however are PURE GARBAGE. Thunderstrike? The Roger Norvell Thor? Pure Harras/DeFalco madness. Up there with teen-age Tony Stark.


“But the premise of my commentary was that “worthwhile” comic adaptions are the EXCEPTION, not the RULE.”

Let’s face it, worthwhile MOVIES are the exception and not the rule. So why should comic book movies be any different? Understandably, if you hold the source material in high esteem then you have more invested in how the movie turns out. However, everybody has their own taste, and just because somebody likes something you don’t doesn’t make them stupid or foolish. I have seen almost every one of the movies you’ve mentioned. I watched The Incredible Hulk on TV when it was new, and love it to this day. I may not agree with all of your picks, but there’s no accounting for taste, mine ore YOURS.


Ah, a point on which we can agree.

The world is round once again.


I think Iron Man & Watchmen ( and to a certain extent The Dark Knigh) have shown that superhero can be done well if you follow a few rules.

Marvel is getting better , SO THERE IS HOPE FOR THOR , AVENGERS et al, however if they start thinking about all the money they will be making rather than the quality of the films we will get teh Daredevils and Ghost Riders again.

Lets just wait and see what happens, I would rather they had a crack at making them then not.

yondaime hokage

March 16, 2009 at 5:03 am

okay man. I’m not saying you haven’t been watching your movies. based on the way you passionately post your comments we can all agree that you know what you are talking about. if my comment above was received the wrong way then my bad dude. just saying you should ease up on comments like these:

“Oh, please….make them…stop. I can’t handle another iffy superhero movie”

It may be sarcastic on your part (we obviously can’t tell, it’s really hard translating emotions electronically if you get my drift). Look, the superhero genre in Hollywood is fairly new. They had a LOT of misses before they delivered on the hits. All i’m saying is before complaining that “this movie is going to suck balls” or “please stop making shitty superhero films” let’s all agree to actually see the films before complaining.

People like Kirth actually make me embarrassed to be a comic fan. Could you calm down with your HEHEHEs and shit? You’re a grown man, have an adult conversation.

I like how you purposely ignore the multiple things I called you out on, for example:

“Uh, no. They didn’t. Fox did. This is the problem: you’re typing this without knowing what you’re talking about. At all. You can’t say Thor will suck because Fantastic Four sucked. Different people are making them. And the people making Iron Man have only done two so far. One was well-received (Hulk), the other was amazingly-received (Iron Man).”

You don’t know what you’re talking about. Simple as that. Don’t pretend to.

I should add that you don’t know what you’re talking about becasue you have no place in saying Thor or Avengers sucks based on Fantastic Four. Different studios. It shows you don’t know what you’re arguing.

Then again, you didn’t like V for Vendetta, Constantine (great movie, terrible adaption), and The Dark Knight. Just the typical “needs to hate everything and argue like a 5 year old while stating things as if they’re facts” guy.

I think Kirth just has a hard on for proving how much he is willing to watch apparently terrible movies. We get it, your a masochist. If you conintue to go and shell out your cash for the flicks, bad or good, then the studios will continue to make them… Here’s a thought, stop going and maybe be a little more proactive and try your hand at writing something good instead of crapping on everything else. Though I have a feeling you’d have a hard time writing anything good that is not a negative review of a comic book movie.


And I thought I was done when I agreed the world was round for all of us. Ho hum.

“…Marvel is getting better…” Based upon what? That they now have “control” over their productions? I don’t see any evidence of this “better” you refer to except ONE MOVIE, Iron Man. There’s ONE.

“…Lets just wait and see what happens…” I believe this was one of my points. My commentary was an HISTORICAL rant, not a hysterical one.

“…if my comment above was received the wrong way then my bad…” It’s not YOU, it’s me. Sarcasm comes easily to me, it’s a GIFT. And NEVER use the term “my bad”. Your bad WHAT? Colloquialism?

“…let’s all agree to actually see the films before complaining…” Again, my comments are not prejudged, they are based upon a pattern of past behavior. For example, if a person has a history of arson, is it not more likely than not, that person will continue to set objects on fire?

“…[he] make[s] me embarrassed to be a comic fan…” That’s really your insecurity, not mine. Go on and show your freinds that Little Lulu comic at the back of your closet. I’m sure they’ll only laugh at you once.

“…You can’t say Thor will suck because Fantastic Four sucked…” Sure I can.

“…the people making Iron Man have only done two so far. One was well-received (Hulk), the other was amazingly-received (Iron Man)…”

As I suggested above. Bill Bixby did more with less than Ed Norton will EVER do with the Hulk. Was there going to BE another one? Not with him from what I’ve read. As time goes on Ang Lee’s version might end up being the good one. I’d have to be properly restrained (or sedated) to watch it again.

“…You don’t know what you’re talking about…” Sure I do. I’m expressing my opinions in a lucid and coherant fashion. I’m pretty sure I have a handle on THAT.

“…you have no place in saying Thor or Avengers sucks based on Fantastic Four…” I did not “say” that. What I wrote was that the EXPECTATION Avengers and Thor will be “bad” is an assessment based on THIRTY previous attempts at these types of movies.

“…you didn’t like V for Vendetta…” You are correct. I hated every second of it

“…Constantine (great movie, terrible adaption)..” How can it be a great movie if it’s a terrible adaption? The WHOLE thing we’re dicussing are “ballpark” adaptions of the source material. If they make another Swamp Thing movie and Swamp Thing is a CANINE instead of a MAN, and Canoe Reeves shows up to smoke a cigarette, is THAT a good adaption?

“… [you hated] The Dark Knight…” I’m not alone in that opinion. It’s a bloated mess of overwrought monologues and an insipid Morgan Freeman supporting role. I’m suprised they keep the name “Lucius Fox”. Remember how “Jack Napier” came to be?

“…the typical “needs to hate everything and argue like a 5 year old….” I’m pretty sure I have a better grasp of IRONY than a five year-old. Unless YOU’RE five.

“…[he]…has a hard on for…watch[ing]…terrible movies…[you’re] a masochist…”

No. I’m an OPTIMIST. I love movies. I love the experience of going to the movie theater. Some of you “TV babies” don’t understand because you’ve been deluged with content your whole lives. In my experience I had to GO to the theatre and engage the material without the benefit of a remote control. Part of that is calling out the CRAP and returning to look at the GOLD. (Reference: MST3K.)

I WANT these movies to be “good” and “satisfying”. When I take straight people to them I don’t want to have to qualify that “it’s a better comic”. Do boring people go to Merchant/Ivory films and say to each other, “it’s better as a dusty, dry novel of 12,000 words”? NO THEY DON’T. They say: “WOW what slavish attention to the source material. Isn’t Wynonna Rider magnificent!!??

THAT’S what I want.

“…try your hand at writing something good instead of crapping on everything else…” Ah-so!!! The last resort of the messageboard conversation: “If you can’t do it BETTER, then SHUT UP.” It’s an argument as old as Telnet and an incorrect one, as well. I’m a CONSUMER, not a PRODUCER.

“…I have a feeling you’d have a hard time writing anything good that is not a negative review..”

Thank you. I believe, through your bad grammer, you just gave me a compliment. Bless your pointed, little head.

Is that IT? Come ON!! Tell me what YOU like. All I hear is Spider-Man 2, X2. IRON MAN. That’s only THREE MOVIES. Out of how many? You don’t see me complaining/complimenting Wolverine, do you? THAT’S BECAUSE I HAVEN’T SEEN IT YET. See, it’s a BIG CIRCLE.

As I said, I’m making as extrapolation based upon recent history. THIRTY “comic” movies I’ve discussed (not even including things like “History of Violence” or “Transformers”) but all you can reply is that I’M negative.

I’m READY and WAITING to be pleasantly suprised. I LOVE movies but I HATE burning my life away watching some Hollwood producers cocaine-fuled notions of what “comic books” are. THEY DON’T GET IT. They look at “fans” as either sheep or vapid, undiscriminating closet masturbators who will take whatever “porn” falls in front of their faces.




I forgot.



God bless Guy Gardner.

And Giffen, Hughes, Sears, Marzan, DeMatteis….



“Powder” was what the X-Men should have been. Directed by an evil, evil man Victor Salva.


All of your posts were grammaticaly perfect. Yeah. Might want to review before you begin to childishly point fingers. Again, seems to be all you’re good at.


Ah, the dreaded “typing error” criticism.

I think I sparred back and fortth with you in 1997.

My POINT was: your sentence structure was confused. Did you attend an American public school? There’s the reason. You mixed tense and context. A proper comma might not have hurt. I was going to diagram that sentence, but I sensed you might not comprehend.

It’s 2009, bub. Even I don’t critcize bad spelling.


ugh. Ultimately you are the bully of an online fanboy forum. I bet Ma is very proud. I would’ve said, “I bet your girlfriend is proud.” But it’s obvious by the amount of time you spend on here sparring with people that you don’t have one.
Yes, I am so childish that I will result to personal insults.

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