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Marvel teams with startup for online gaming worlds

Super Hero Squad

Super Hero Squad

Back in 2006, Marvel Entertainment, Cryptic Studios (makers of the City of Heroes games) and Microsoft announced that they were working on a massive multiplayer online game featuring the Marvel Universe. Then in 2008, we found out development of the game had been shut down. But recognizing that only Phoenix and Bucky actually stay dead in the Marvel Universe, it was only a matter of time before we heard the news that Marvel was back in the MMO game, right?

According to, online game company Gazillion Entertainment and Marvel have reached a 10-year agreement whereby the startup will “build a series of online game worlds with Marvel’s comic book characters.” Oddly enough, the first one out the gate won’t be a big online Marvel Universe game, but will instead be a kids-oriented one featuring their Super Hero Squad property. It’s due in 2010, and the company has been working on the game for a year.

A giant Marvel game, dubbed Marvel Universe, for both the PC and video game consoles, is planned for the future, the article says. The company also has the license to make an MMO called LEGO Universe.



You hear that sound? Like something bouncing?

That’s the sound of Marvel chasing the ball that they dropped when they broke with Cryptic Studios.

Someone at Marvel just woke up and noticed that the game they passed on is about to debut in a big way as Champions Online, and that their Distinguished Competition is quite likely less than a year away from putting out their MMO….and then they realized what a gang of fools Marvel was for putting themselves into third place by default, by letting their opportunity slip while the competition kept going.

Have fun chasing that ball, Marvel.

Anyone here remember X-Assault?

It was a VERY basic fan-made Flash-Based X-Men RPG. Marvel once had their website spotlighted as one of their top fan sites. Then, shortly before making an announcement about their planned MMORPG, Marvel legal sent a cease and desist to the X-Assault people. Then Marvel aborted the huge game project last year. Now they’re announcing a series of smaller games instead.


I remember X-Assault! That game was very simple but incredibly addictive. They had lots of great ideas for that game too before Marvel made them put the kibosh on it.

Beacon, I was about to post the same thing. X-Assault was awesome. It was free, anyone could play, and they actually had Gail Simone write some of the scripts. Marvel pissed all over them . To hell with marvel now. The guys and gals at nixonvision never wanted a dime for that game, they were doing it as a labor of love for the comics they grew up with, and wittle mawvel got their panties all in a bunch and ruined it for everyone. what a bunch of hypocrites. joe quasadilla and john byrne can go give each other back rubs and revel in the fact that they seem to always ruin the “fun” in comics for everyone else.

To be fair, I really doubt Quesada had anything to do with any of this. It is going to go a little higher up the chain than the EiC over comics.

his was one of the names cited when the creators of XAssault was threatened with a lawsuit.

And He originally approved to have it linked on the site. so he could have given them a reprieve.

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