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Nothing sells boats better than a guy in a Hulk costume

from Marvel's personal appearances brochure

from Marvel's personal appearances brochure shares a blast from the past — a brochure produced by Marvel to promote live appearances by some of their characters. Back in the day, you could hire Spider-Man, Captain America, Hulk and even Rom: Spaceknight to come to your parade, boat show, amusement park or anniversary party. I remember meeting Spider-Man at Town East Mall one summer; good times.



I recall that when Marvel launched its first website circa 1999 they heavily promoted their rent-a-character services, including Elektra. The Hulk was adorable.

You still can hire a character. At the First Annual Springfield Fal-Con this weekend in Springfield, MA, we hired Wolverine to entertain (and freak out!) the kids at the game. We held a comic convention during our home game versus the Hartford Wolf Pack. Attendance – 6400!

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