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Quesada confirms Diggle on renumbered Daredevil

Daredevil #500, by Marko Djurdjevic

Daredevil #500, by Marko Djurdjevic

In this week’s “My Cup o’ Joe,” Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada confirms what he let slip in the previous column: that writer Andy Diggle will take over Daredevil this summer, with the renumbered Issue 501.

Make that Marvel-exclusive writer Andy Diggle.

“I thought for whatever reason that we had already announced that one, but I guess we hadn’t,” Quesada says, explaining the quickly deleted slip.

“But man, I can’t get away from this without complimenting [outgoing writer] Ed Brubaker.
Ed did just an amazing, amazing run, following up after Brian Bendis, which was no easy feat. I mean, Ed’s run has been legendary, but he just needed to cycle off. I think he’s had a workload that just felt like ‘one book too many,’ and he’s told all the Daredevil stories he feels he needs to for right now.”

So, why Diggle?

“Well, I think Andy really showed us something when he took over Thunderbolts,” Quesada says. “He has a certain feel, a certain ‘bite’ to his stories, and he just writes tremendous, tremendous villains.
He writes mean characters! [laughs] And there’s something there that resonated with all of us in editorial, where we just thought he could write the piss out of Daredevil.

Update: Diggle writes on Twitter that his contract with Marvel is for two years.



Diggle is a good fit for a Daredevil book. matches his writing style perfectly. As for Brubaker, I’m still too annoyed over his treatment of Matt’s wife, Milla, and how he wrote her out of the book to judge his run properly, but even before that, he’s only had flashes of brilliance over his very uneven run on the book. Still a solid run anyway you look at it though.

Wasn’t Diggle’s exclusive announced earlier? For some reason, I thought it was.

Oh, and nice score for Marvel. Diggle’s a great writer. Congrats to him.

that is a great choice. his GA: year one was fantastic, and his thunderbolts so far is solid.

Good news, Bru’s run felt constructed like, “can you guess what horrible thing happens to a woman this month?”

It made me uncomfortable and had to drop it; picked up his latest issue cuz of the brilliant Aja, and guess what happens…

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