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Fujitsu's color e-book reader

Fujitsu's color e-book reader

E-devices | Fujitsu has unveiled Japan’s first full-color e-book reader, the FLEPia.

It would seem like a major leap forward for comics, but CNET UK points out that the FLEPia only supports XMDF and .book format e-books. Plus, the device is now only available in Japan, where it sells for ¥99,750 — or a little over $1,000.

Publishing | At, retailer Steve Bennett returns to the “collectibility” well to argue that the urge to bag, board and sort will save the printed comic from being replaced by the digital version.

E-devices | At Publishers Weekly, Ada Price talks with a handful of publishers about their early experience converting titles to Amazon’s Kindle.

Conventions | The program schedule has been released for the New England Webcomics Weekend, being held March 20-22 in Easthampton, Mass.

Copyright | At Reason Online, Henry Jenkins examines how illegal copying and distribution helped anime to succeed in the United States.

E-publishing | IDW Publishing has made available the first two issues of its sold-out Star Trek: Countdown at the iTunes app store.

E-publishing | Uclick and Tokyopop are making the first volume of Svetlana Chmakova’s Dramacon available as a free app on Apple’s app store.

Webcomics | Joey Manley looks at the use of webcomics as promotional tools for TV shows and print comics.

Multimedia | From SXSW, considers the “deep media” approach Electronic Arts used for marketing the video game Dead Space, an effort that included comics, animation and interactive web features.

Blogosphere | David Brothers talks e-devices, webcomics, digital comics, and more.



It’s not really comics news yet, but the next version of the iPhone software will enable “subscription-based applications.” How would that effect the comics market, especially if Apple does indeed drop the much-rumored 10″ iPod touch?

That REASON article is over two years old. In the meantime, several US anime distributors have gone out of business…because they couldn’t compete with fansubbed torrents.

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