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Soldier dressed as The Joker killed in standoff

The Joker

The Joker

A soldier dressed as The Joker was shot dead by police on Sunday in Shenandoah National Park in Virginia after he reportedly pointed a loaded shotgun at them.

An affidavit filed Wednesday by the FBI identifies the man as Army Spc. Christopher Lanum, 25, a suspect in the attempted murder of another soldier at Fort Eustis earlier that day.

According to authorities, Lanum — dressed in The Joker makeup and costume he’d worn for Halloween — and girlfriend Patsy Ann Marie Montowski attacked Launum’s barracks suite mate Spc. Mitchell Stone, who was shocked repeatedly with a stun gun and then slashed in the throat with a knife.

Montowski told the FBI her boyfriend idolized The Joker.

Stone was taken to a hospital for serious injuries and later released.

Lanum and Montowski fled the scene in a minivan, which a park ranger later spotted some 200 miles from the Army base. The ranger called for help, and Lanum led police on a low-speed chase that ended when Lanum drove over a spike strip and crashed.

The affidavit states Lanum pointed a shotgun toward police, and refused commands to lower his weapon. A trooper fired through the window of the driver’s side of the minivan, and Lanum’s shotgun discharged. Police then opened fire, killing Lanum.

Montowski also was shot, and was treated for “non-life threatening wounds.” She was arrested late Wednesday and charged as an accessory after the fact to assault.



“Pasty” Ann Marie? What was she, like a 1930s gangster’s moll?

why would anyone idolize the joker

I think these stories would have much less power if they used headlines like “Idiot in clown make-up shot dead by police.” We really need to start shaming our psychos.

I’m actually stunned by this.

Psycho is a harsh word.

Val on Occasional Superheroine blocked comments on her post and told people to comment here instead, so this is in response to her blog.

I think the insinuation that the Dark Knight had any responsibility in these killings is ridiculous, as it was with the first post about someone allegedly being inspired by the Joker. This man was a soldier and probably either suffered from like PTSD or he’s been unbalanced since before he was trained to kill. Soldiers snapping and killing people isn’t something that can be blamed on pop culture. The Joker was only a character that he latched onto. It could have been any needlessly violent villain in any popular story. Highlighting and focusing on his fixation with the Joker is just as helpful as when the mainstream media takes killing sprees and blames heavy metal music or video games. Trenchcoats or joker vests are a symptom, not a disease.

at abt:

bla bla bla bla

What on earth do you mean, Val blocked comments on her blog and told people to comment here instead?

What’s that all about?

plok, Val realized that putting up yet another post with the sensationalist headline “Fourth Confirmed Joker-Inspired Attack This Year” was probably going to just get another 150 messages’ worth of flame and hate mail, so, apparently, she decided the right thing to do was to tell people to talk about it here instead? I don’t really get it either.

I thought there was a connection that this blog knew about but after a reread, I think I misinterpreted? Confusing.

Unblock your comments, Val!

Yup, nothing to do with having to learn to live with losing every shred of your sense of security by being constantly under all sorts of crosshairs on a modern face of imoral hell, when every slight movement is potentially a lethal danger to yourself and the brothers you’re fighting for, seeing people brutalized, bones hanging by thin threads of burned skin, buildings and basic living infrastructure being wiped away with complete impunity, the complete demoralizing effects of an abyss looking at your most basic of intentions. Or nothing to do with anything previous that was inside his head.

No. It was the Joker, from the moving pictures. Of course. “It was the Joker”, said Val loud enough so we can hear through the amazingly loud sound of her axe being grinded.

Oh, did Val have a problem with TDK? This honestly didn’t occur to me: I thought I’d read a good review of it from her.

Could be I was mistaken.

Regardless, you make the point pretty well.

“Oh, did Val have a problem with TDK?”
I think it was more of a problem with DC’s marketing but to make a long story short yes she blames DC (in part) for the attacks and says the fans would rather have dead baby’s then let anything get in the way of the fandom.
I think its really mostly her own issues with DC and her contempt for comic readers myself but she has been kinda like that alot as of late.

I eat bananas, enjoy a nice tall glass of nestles chocolate milk, and use rending machines. So I contribute to a whole lot of dark things in this world one of which might in all seriousness be flavored with the suffering tears of real children.
It will take a little bit more to make me feel bad about thinking the TDK was a good movie (Still not as good as iron man imo) then the nebulous theory that crushing all the butterfly’s will stop the possibility of the butterfly effect.

If you see the comments in Val’s previous posts where she implies the movie about Batman bared responsibility for 5 wackos out of millions killing people, you can see that it’s just a bunch of reasonable posts calling her out for being a loon, also you can see her clear descent into madness as she replies.

Fun readin’.

“you can see that it’s just a bunch of reasonable posts calling her out for being a loon”
There are always afew posters who will get personally insulting (She gives them to much power over her imo)but for the most part her argument is always the same.
“Your ok with people and baby’s getting killed just for your fandom!!!”

I really do think its a mixture of contempt for comic book fans, anger at DC, and not being able to stand people disagreeing with her.

I do wonder why she linked us over here, Maybe so she could avoid reading any comments? But then why link us at all?
As to people copping the joker I very much doubt its the joker they are copping and much more likely its the actor that has them all worked up.

I work at a 7-11 in virginia beach and I actually worked with patsy. She always seemed liked she had a couple of screws loose. She’s 25 and she has 4 kids (or, i guess HAD since foster care’s gonna take care of that).

Sick, and sad, for someone to draw inspiration from a character like a Joker…

Ironically, Val just posted the facts this time as opposed to previously when she implied that fandom and/or DC had some responsibility for the actions of a crazy person. If she had simply done that originally, she may have at least started out with a thoughtful discussion.


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