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Spider-Man musical to be a ‘circus rock-‘n’-roll drama’

Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark

Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark

Several of the folks involved in the upcoming Broadway musical Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark gave a presentation to ticket brokers and group-sales agents last week, including director Julie Taymor and U2 members Bono and The Edge. Taymor talked about the project and showed off set designs, while Bono and the Edge previewed eight songs they’ve written for it. Both Modern Fabulousity and the New York Post managed to find their way into the presentation, and the former had a very detailed report that included a list of villains appearing in the production (freakin’ Swarm? Holy crap):

The set designs, displayed on the huge projection screen in the photo above, drew inspiration from the pop-art colors and the lines of comic book panels while playing with multiple perspectives. Ishioka’s costumes were breathtaking — a rogues gallery of the villains that appear onstage in the musical received audible gasps from the audience, including the Green Goblin, Lizard, Kraven, Swarm, and a new female villain created at the behest of Taymor, Swiss Miss (dressed in immaculate white dominatrix gear and multiple knives…hot!). Fans of Dr. Octopus and Sandman should know, however, that neither made an appearance in the presentation, although Taymor hinted at a special villain yet to be identified who appears in the piece.

Apparently the plan is for Spider-Man to swing over the audience, as Taymor worked with stunt designers from the Spider-Man movies and aerialists from Cirque du Soleil on “webslinger technology” for the production. Sounds very cool.



I guess we haven’t different ideas of what “sounds very cool.”

Hey, I could be wrong… I just don’t see how this show is going to work though. The stage version of LOTR never went anywhere, and of course Superman’s musical (more than 40 years ago) was quickly grounded. Jim Steinman’s attempt at a Batman musical (thankfully) never happened at all.

People though Spidey 3 had too many villains? And too much dancing? Wait ’til this show opens, LOL…

Swiss Miss, huh? Stupid name, stupid idea. I’m sure they’ll have to rename the character at some point, once the hot chocolate company gets wind of that.

I still have no idea what “Turn Off the Dark” is supposed to mean… Did anyone address that?

I’m not a huge fan of Taymor’s film work, but I love her stage direction. for me, a lot of this is going to come down to the music. and while U2 has lost some of its edge (no pun intended) in recent years i still think they churn out some incredible songs. so fingers crossed on this one. i’d love to see it do well…especially since it’s highly unlikely i’ll be able to get to Broadway anytime soon, so my best hope is an L.A. production. lol!

A Nazi made of bees on a Broadway stage?

I truly have seen everything!

Dearest Dan Buckley,

Marketing idea: Introduce Swiss Miss in an issue of Amazing, preferably the week the musical starts. Good crossover appeal. Find a way to get them into theatergoer’s hands. (Include with ticket price?) Possibly include local retailers somehow. Obviously you’d have to get the rights to the character, unless y’all were smart and got that all worked out from the get-go.

Roll with this, homes! Its MONEY!

Yours helpfully,
Random Internet Guy

I know people who went to the presentation and they said they were all pleasantly surprised by it. The songs were more rock than you normally hear on Broadway which to me is a good thing.

I hope Taymor casts the lead for “Across the Universe” as he had a good look and could sing his behind off.

I just wonder how it will do financially, as its a HUGE gamble. I think the show would have to sell out for like five years to just break even.

Shaun, from what I’ve heard “Turn off the Dark” is the name of one of the songs.

Musicals suck!

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