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Terry Moore returns to Paradise


Two years after wrapping up the series, Strangers in Paradise creator Terry Moore posts a tease on his blog about a SiP one-shot he’s working on:

“See the girl on the horse? I’m writing a one-shot about her and her friends. Not yet sure when it will come out, but wanted to share the buzz around here. Some people just won’t stay quiet… know what I mean?” he writes.



Considering how wretched Strangers in Paradise got toward the end, returning to the book is the last thing he should do.

I enjoy reading letter pages (if there is one) and I was always amazed by the out pouring of affection and emotion in the letters from Fans of David Macks “Kabuki” and even more so from Fans of Terry Moores “Strangers In Paradise”. This wonderful piece of art must be creating quite the buzz on SIP Fan sites everywhere, so if the internet goes down today, we can all blame Terry Moore.
Happy Saint Pats! later!

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