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Trust fund for S. Clay Wilson started

The Art of S. Clay Wilson

The Art of S. Clay Wilson

As you may remember, the famed underground cartoonist S. Clay Wilson fell and suffered a severe head injury last November. Now, The S. Clay Wilson Special Needs Trust has formed to help the artist get back on steady financial ground:

Although he is still recovering in the hospital and beginning to draw again, (in his signature dense-pack style) his ability to earn a living in the future is in serious question. a depleted bank account and mounting bills make it imperative that his fellow man (and woman) come forward now and donate what they can to help this iconic artist develop a healthy, independent quality of life when he comes home to Lorraine Chamberlain, with whom he has lived for the past nine years.

I encourage you to please at least take some time to consider donating whatever you can afford to give to help out this talented and influential artist.


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Thanks for doing this, Chris,

The site has a Paypal link and it’s pretty painless, so throw Wilson a few bucks. You’ll be glad you did!

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