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Wildstorm adds creator-driven titles, offers Planetary update



As the annual meeting of ComicsPRO continues in Memphis, Tenn., DC Comics has announced a new creator-driven lineup from Wildstorm.

Matt Price reports the imprint will add miniseries from Aaron Williams and Fiona Staples, Dave Tischman and Philip Bond, David Lapham, and Jeff Mariotte. Sparse title details can be found at the link.

In addition to the news about Grant Morrison and Jim Lee’s Wildcats, Wildstorm’s Hank Kanalz announced that Morrison’s Authority will be finished by Keith Giffen and “a variety of artists,” and that Warren Ellis and John Cassaday’s Planetary #27 — the series finale — should ship sometime this year.


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I’m hoping this means that Cassaday is IN PROGRESS on the last page of Planetary #27.

Otherwise I can’t help thinking that “should ship sometime this year” is still too iffy to believe in.

Assuming it DOES get to stores by December 31, 2009, what will we be looking at for the final average on this series? Issue #1 was April 1999, so (playing pretend for a moment) let’s say #27 is October 2009… 126 months divided by 27 issues… about four months three weeks between issues.

Well, that still beats Scud: The Disposable Assassin (24 issues between 1994 and 2008), so here’s to you, Planetary! :-)

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