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Will PSP get more comics content?

The video game site Kotaku is reporting on a new survey on the PlayStation Network is asking gamers what they think of digital comics and downloading graphic novels to Sony’s handheld PlayStation Portable console.

The survey asked about price points, subscriptions, sharing comics and Memory Stick sizes.

The comic prices ranged from .99 cents to $2.99 per issue with up to 30 percent price breaks if you buy a dozen. Graphic novels ranged from $4.99 to $19.99 and mange was $4.99 to $14.99. The monthly access plans ranged from about $7 to $15.

Kotaku seems to think this might have something to do with a rumored PSP revamp. Regardless, it seems as though Sony is trying to offer the console as a serious comics alternative to the iPhone, Kindle and other hoity-toity gadgets. Anyone want to bet on its chances?



I’ve been immensely disappointed with PSP, but would love to use it as a comics viewer if Sony could make it work. The dashboard software and file system are too clunky, IMO, to be a convenient media device, and at least on my old-school model, the screen is not fit for reading comics. Also, would be nice if it could hold a charge…

I know there’s been a revamp, but I’m not paying for the same bloody system twice. Early adopters are people, too! :)

I’m all for the idea of digital comics, but I’m a bit of a traditionalist in that I’d want to see it in the standard American-sized format. Yeah, I know, there are loads of different comic sizes out there (manga is smaller, european comics thend to be larger, etc) but it’s the size I’m used to. I mean, can you imagine trying to read a Grant Morrison or a JH Williams III comic on something as small as a PSP or the iPhone? The panel to panel thing doesn’t do it for me and wouldn’t work for those two creators either.

That said, anything to brings our little hobby to the mainstream can’t be that bad.

Matthew Stockfarleysolomonburger

March 18, 2009 at 6:08 pm

I think Sony’s revamping the PSP again this Fall with a touch version? Least that’s what rumors on Kotaku said. Bit pointless to release this software on yet another soon to be obsolete hardwave revamp. And, where’s my Iphone 3.0 err…4.0?

I would be happy to see something like this come to pass, but let’s face it. Marvel and DC are not going to back this for about ten thousand reasons (not the least of which is that the PSP has a really bad reputation, partially undeserved, among some developers as an easily hackable unit for which “nobody buys games, they just pirate them.”) And without Marvel or DC, I don’t see them selling a lot of comics to casual or non-fans.

I’m an Absolute Edition and Omnibus lover. A teeny-weeny PSP screen will only give me eye strain. I will probably consider reading digital comics on a colored version of Kindle.

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