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Wizard shuts down Anime Insider

Anime Insider

Anime Insider

The ax continues to fall at Wizard Entertainment as word comes of the closing of Anime Insider magazine.

Issue 67, pictured at right, will be the last.

According to former editor Rob Bricken, the entire staff was fired. He names just two — Summer Mullins and Angela Hanson — so it’s unclear how many employees are affected.

Launched in 2001 as a series of quarterly specials called Anime Invasion, the magazine shifted to a bi-monthly schedule in 2002 before being renamed the following year.

The magazine’s closing is the latest in a series of cutbacks at the company, which just last month laid off seven employees, including all three staff writers from Wizard magazine.



I had to stop buying the mag when it went monthly, but I always enjoyed Summers’ work. If it had stayed quarterly, I’d have stayed.



Wizard is officially dead to me. Anime Insider was the ONLY magazine that I religiously bought on a regular basis, month in and month out.

R.IP. Anime Insider. You’ll be missed…

On the plus side, Wizard haven’t updated their website with details, or even to stop anyone from ordering it. But, then again that would require Wizard to… Update their website.

That sux. It was a very dope magazine. I didn’t buy it cuz mags cost too much these days buuuuuuut that I read it all the time in the book stores. Now how am I supposed to know what’s poppin off in the Anime world?

wow, good luck Summer and Angela…
I cant believe that those two were putting a magazine together all by themselves.

I loved it soo much but with being laid off at work-I had to stop buying it.
It sad to hear it go.

@nim_ak: is it just me or are Wizard following the same business plan as Circuit City?

Toward the end most of Anime Insider was written by freelancers. Summer and Angela may well have been the only editors left. (They’re the only editorial I ever dealt with.)

Frack I just resubscriped in december. not to mention signed up for their forum. Well wizard I’m so not going to subsribe to your main mag now. Aw and the last issue actually had someone on the cover I liked sort of. I’m a more clasic X Zero continualiuty megaman fan. I’ll miss you Summer and Other me i mean Angela.

Old Gareb made enough off of the stupid IFL investor money marks. Maybe the former workers can put together a FREE web magazine themselves with the money coming in thru the ads on the site.

I actually didn’t mind ANIME INSIDER, but was a bit turned off by their Wizard-like look, it always bothered me. regardless, it always seemed like a magazine that knew where it’s heart was at, and I could always respect that.

I’m not from the US but I enjoy reading Anime Insider back issues which I luckily find in bookstores. That sucks. I just sent an email today to Bricken-sama telling him how he inspires me to strive to write better articles. Well…I guess I’m going to have to buy that one back issue I saw – which is a lot more expensive than the ones I have bought and (I wonder why).

Unreal. The only magazine I’ve ever liked, EVER. And of course this comes a few weeks after I ordered a one year subscription. And do you think I’ve heard from Wizard informing me I’ve been refunded. NO. The whole company can get nuked for all I care now.

Damn it! I’ve been wondering why I couldn’t find Anime Insider at my local Borders for the past few months; I thought perhaps they just stopped carrying it. I’m quite sad to see this pub go as it was the only magazine I religiously bought, either ad-hoc or via subscription.

Well that sucks, because I was enjoying purchasing and reading these magazines.

No. Stinkin’. WAY! I remember going to Chapters one day and I was confused why Anime Insider (and Shoujo Beat) wasn’t on the magazine shelves. I also went to another store and they didn’t have them either. I thought they were selling somewhere else, but now I know they already had their final issues out last year. Anime Insider was the most reliable source for what’s in and what anime was going to be coming up. Too bad =(

Stupid wizards. I just found this magazine two days ago and now theyre gonna end them?? i was going to buy! its like.. like finding out your moms a superhero just before she gets killed by a giant supervillian! It just sucks!!

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