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Wolverine: Not just a weapon, but an offensive one

wolverineA certain hirsute mutant may want to rethink that next trip to England.

The Coventry Telegraph reports that “deadly razor-sharp hand claws” were seized last week by customs officials at the international Parcelforce depot near Coventry Airport.

The “Tomahawk Claw Gauntlet,” produced by Tomahawk U.S.A., is classified as an offensive weapon under British law, and will be destroyed. It had been destined for an address in London.

The newspaper describes the claws as “like those wielded by X-Men superhero Wolverine.” I’m sure Marvel wants to be associated with that.

Hyped by the manufacturer as a “monstrous handspike” — paging Dr. Freud — that “will send your foes running in the other direction,” the 17-inch gauntlet retails for $67.

Logan, consider yourself warned.



Surely Marvel have been glorifying knife crime in the X-titles for too long to not address this eventually.

ditto. It was only a matter of time before this sort of thing would make the news. Just imagine what the movie is going to do… I mean come on, kids who think cutting people to ribbons is Awesome… it just isn’t ‘hero’ worthy.


March 2, 2009 at 1:28 pm

“Logan, consider yourself warned” jajajaja

Thanks for the link. Soon my Wolverine costume will be complete. XD

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