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Stan Lee Media

Stan Lee Media

Legal | A judge ruled Monday that Michael George, the retailer and convention organizer convicted last year in the 1990 killing of his first wife, will remain in jail while he awaits a new trial. [Detroit Free Press]

Legal | Yet another lawsuit was filed Friday against Stan Lee on behalf of the shareholders of Stan Lee Media. The suit accuses the creator of illegally transferring the copyrights of two characters to POW Entertainment. [press release]

Crime | A 24-year-old man shot and killed himself at 12:15 a.m. Monday during a screening of Watchmen in Eugene, Ore. [KVAL]

Legal | The trial continues in Singapore for a married couple accused of distributing anti-Muslim tracts from cartoonist Jack Chick. According to the latest testimony, Dorothy Chan Hien Leng has sent out some 20,000 publications in the past seven years. She and husband Ong Kian Cheong are charged with distributing seditious and objectionable publications. [The Straits Times]

Awards | Eisner Awards judge (and cartoonist) Ben Towle comments posts his thoughts about the submissions: “Is there some sort of favoritism/politics going on at the big comics publishers? Being an ‘indie guy’ I have no knowledge of the politics of what goes on a big ‘mainstream’ comics publishers,  but I was really surprised that a few of them didn’t send copies of everything they’d put out in the previous year. I can’t imagine that this is a financial concern — it seems more like a deliberate snub to those folks they didn’t send books from. There were at least two people who’d done great work (I thought, anyway) for a couple of mainstream publishers in 2008 who I really wanted to champion, but without their company’s having sent their books along for the judges to read, there really wasn’t much I could do. To be fair, though, it’s probably better to submit a select few items than to submit everything, regardless of quality.” [Ben Towle]

Creators | Gabriel Ba acknowledges the April Fool’s joke he and brother Fabio Moon pulled last week, but pledges that Casanova will return: “Just the way you all do, we love Casanova. I can speak for Matt, Fábio and myself when I say we are doing all we can to bring Casanova back the best way it deserves to come back. … And I can tell you this: It WILL come back.” [Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba]



Its surprising not more analysis is being given to the unprecedented legal battle over the creative rights that Stan Lee assigned to his dot com Stan Lee Media. More than $7 million has been spent by Lee, Marvel and Stan Lee Media shareholders in litigation in California, New York and Colorado to control and assert the rights Lee assigned in October 15, 1998 to capitalize Stan Lee Media in between contracts Lee had with Marvel.
The Stan Lee Media shareholders are represented by an American legal icon – 76 year old Martin Garbus-with the same stature in legal circles as Stan Lee in comic book circles. Garbus as a 1st Amendment and copyright lawyer (he represented Lenny Bruce, Pentagon Papers, Daniel Ellsberg, among others represents the largest intellectual property claim ever asserted in Hollywood- on behalf of Stan Lee Media shareholders led by investment banker Jose Abadin.
What’s at stake is 50% of the profits on all copyrights Marvel obtained on Stan Lee’s Marvel creations, along with the value of Stan Lee’s name and brand.
A good article in American Lawyer in January explains it.

Can we get another “I’m-guilty-as-hell-and-I-am-so-screwed” mug shots of Michael George again, just for old times’ sake?

Kevin Melrose

April 7, 2009 at 4:18 pm

I’m trying to ration the use of that mugshot.

Oh, OK Kevin… The picture just always made me laugh.

Not that murder’s a laughing matter, but I’m willing to laugh at George and his search for “the real killer”… It’s funny in a pathetic, OJ kind of way.

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