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Conventions | Brigid Alverson reports from last weekend’s Kids Comic Con, which drew an estimated 750 to 800 people to Bronx Community College. [PW Comics Week]

Creators | With the opening of X-Men Origins: Wolverine fast approaching, the spotlight turns on Len Wein and Chris Claremont. But mostly Claremont, who doesn’t think much of Marvel establishing an origin for the once-mysterious character: “With Logan, the less you know the better. He’s a mystery, an enigma. Once an origin story has been told you can’t untell it. It’s like Spider-man’s marriage to Mary Jane — you can’t undo it without making a deal with the devil.” [Times Online]

Denny O'Neill

Denny O'Neill

Creators | Legendary writer and editor Denny O’Neill reflects on his formative years, politics and making the leap from journalism to comics: “I don’t think anyone thought of having a comics career. There was no such thing as a comics career. I think I have reached seventy without having a career: I’ve had a bunch of jobs, and a lot of them were interesting.” [Graphic NYC]

Creators | Brian Azzarello continues his 100 Bullets farewell tour: “Some people have said that it didn’t end the way they thought it would, but it couldn’t have ended any other way. We’ve known the ending since we began. That’s the way you’re supposed to write. And that’s the reason we were able to seed different things and reference back it over a hundred issues, because we knew where we were going.” [PW Comics Week]

Welcome to Hoxford

Welcome to Hoxford

Creators | Ben Templesmith ponders horror, and comics: “I can tell you what isn’t horror: Most comics. Most comics these days seem to take classic ‘monsters’ and reset them in power fantasy, detective, romance or just plain all-out brawl stories. They try to be edgy like that, and most miss the point. Most are drawn in the same or very similar style to superhero comics. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying comics that take what are termed ‘classical horror’ and give them a bit of a new spin are crap, I’m just saying they’re not exactly horror. They’re trading on horror but are actually producing something else. … Horror is mood. Horror is situation.” [Splash Page]

Creators | Warren Ellis confirms the connection between Global Frequency and … the 1960s TV series Thunderbirds. [Warren Ellis]

Creators | Abby Denson chats about desserts. Really. [Digital City]

Blogosphere | Longtime manga reviewer and commentator Katherine Dacey has launched The Manga Critic. [The Manga Critic]

Comics | Charlie Jane Anders counts down the “Top 10 Greatest Mentally Ill Superheroes.” I’m pleased to see The Creeper make an appearance. []



Oh Chris…I like how he disses on Marvel for giving Wolverine an Origin, then a few paragraphs later pimps his own X-Men Forever series by saying, “Although the film plays with the idea that Sabretooth is Wolverine’s half brother, Claremont said that his original idea was for Sabretooth to be Wolverine’s father, something he is exploring in his new series, X-Men Forever. “You should see Wolverine’s mother.”

Giving Wolverine an origin wasn’t a bad idea; he isn’t a character who *depends* on beings mysterious, like the Phantom Stranger does. It was making his origin too damn complicated that sucks. Logan has always been a pretty simple character- just watch him in any comic and you pretty much see everything you need to know about him. Heck, trying to keep him mysterious (by having him have amnesia) is what ruined his background in the first place, as everybody and his brother rushed to fill in the blanks. That’s human nature; Marvelt should have realized that.

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