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Everyone’s A Critic: A round-up of comic-related reviews and thinkpieces

The Color of Water

The Color of Water

* Let’s start things off with Kristy Valenti, who examines the Seven Stages of the Comics Critic:

Everyone is familiar with this phase in its various forms: passionate defense of one’s favorite superheroes, even (and especially) from those currently cartooning them, leading to message-board brawling; the realization that it’s easy to snark crappy comics, of which there are legion in all genres and from all countries; long, slightly combative conversations with relatives about how even the New York Times literary establishment has embraced the medium; railing against the current comics (and comics criticism) establishment. This is also the phase in which the danger of style over substance looms, if a critic becomes more concerned with flashy, rather than solid, writing.

* The AV Club’s Noel Murray has some interesting thoughts on Tom Spurgeon’s list of top 10 important comic book series. Spurgeon offers some follow-up thoughts in response here.

* Lissa Pattillo posts what I think is the first review of The Color of Water, the second volume in Kim Dong Hwa’s manwha trilogy.

* Both Nina Stone and the Oregonian’s Steve Duin think Kick-Ass is awesome.

* Sean T. Collins includes Phoebe Glockner’s Diary of a Teenage Girl in his ongoing Favorites series: “Heartbreak and rage: that’s what I feel when I read this book.”

* Curt Purcell peruses Doug Wolk’s Reading Comics and declares it good: “Basically, I’m enough of an outsider to find a lot of the current comics scene puzzling, but enough of an insider to have a fairly precise sense of what I don’t understand. And that’s what makes Wolk’s book so worthwhile for me.”

* Andrew Wheeler reviews a whole mess o’ manga.



Would really like to read the piece on the seven stages of the comic critic, but the link takes me to Curt’s thing about Reading Comics…

That should be fixed now.

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